New Shocking Info on Biden/Ukraine Call

New Shocking Info on Biden/Ukraine Call

( – As more controversy and corruption catches up to Joe Biden, the Left is unsurprisingly silent. In fact, it often seems as if they don’t even care enough about the accusations to bat an eye. Once again, the Democratic leader stands accused of substantial wrongdoing. It’s not “creepy uncle Joe” or “sleepy old Joe” this time… instead, it’s the very thing Biden has accused Trump of for years…

Collusion with foreign officials.

Back in 2019, major news outlets reported an ongoing probe into a private phone conversation between the Democratic candidate and Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko that took place in 2016. Biden offered a shocking $1-billion loan to officials in exchange for the removal of Ukrainian Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin at the time. He also demanded Shokin resign despite having, in Poroshenko’s own words, “no evidence of corruption or wrongdoing.”

Why would Biden offer a $1-billion loan to another country just to force a political official to resign? Evidence shows Shokin was investigating Biden’s son Hunter over possible corruption at Ukrainian natural gas company Burisma Holdings. Hunter was officially employed by the company at the time. It also came to light that, during his time at Burisma Holdings, Hunter paid Biden around $900,000 in “lobbying fees.”

But wait, it gets worse. Former National Security Advisor for the Obama Administration, Susan Rice, also told CBS interviewers the whole ordeal started with a surprising source: President Barack Obama, who was actively serving in office at the time.

With the Obama administration’s penchant for acts of corruption — like siccing the IRS on Tea Party members and supplying guns to the Mexican drug cartels — does America really want Joe Biden sitting in the Oval Office? Odds are rapidly stacking against him, especially with the release of this call. And, we can all probably agree it won’t be the end of the Biden rabbit hole.

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