New Study Raises Alarms for Democrats’ 2022 Hopes

New Study Raises Alarms for Democrats' 2022 Hopes

( – Democratic groups are working overtime to pinpoint what went wrong for them in 2020. While Joe Biden barely became the new occupant of the White House under a shroud of controversy, the GOP picked up state legislatures that could impact the 2022 election. Not a single Republican lost in the US House of Representatives. In fact, the GOP picked off moderate Democrats to give House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) the smallest majority in nearly a century.

A comprehensive analysis by three Democratic groups says Dems are in big trouble heading into the 2022 midterms. It blames their poor performance on a lack of a central argument about the economy’s recovery after the pandemic and a non-existent strong party brand. However, the analysis isn’t accurate as to the cause of 2020 losses, and its bias skewing the reality of what’s happening will likely dash Democratic hopes significantly in the 2022 midterms.

Study Cites Major Concerns That Expose Democrats Bias

A 73-page self-critical report by three major Democratic interest groups is using Democratic bias as a basis to fix problems when in fact, the bias is the problem. Centrist think tank Third Way, Collective PAC, and the Latino Victory Fund are sounding the alarms that Dems are in trouble with Hispanic voters in Florida and Texas, Asian groups in California, and Black voters in North Carolina. If Democrats are already having trouble in these states, it’s likely a problem for them nationwide.

The study cites a lack of an economic argument and a strong party brand as the reasons for Democrats’ struggles in 2020. It suggests that Democrats focused too broadly on anti-Trump rhetoric. While that might have helped Biden, it hurt moderates who couldn’t dispel the economic concerns over the shutdowns and defunding the police. The irony is this was among concerns expressed by moderate Democrats who barely won re-election in 2020. They said Democrats must stop the divisiveness or the electoral slaughter would continue. Yet, the Left’s language is not abating, in fact, the destructive rhetoric is intensifying.

Study Reveals Democrats Lack Awareness of the Issues

Democrats fundamentally do not understand how their agenda runs counter to the majority of Americans’ beliefs about their own country. They are in total denial about what happened in 2020 and why 2022 is likely to be an awful year for them.

For one, the Democrats do have an economic plan — it’s called tax and spend into oblivion. President Biden and House Democrats authorized over $6 trillion in unprecedented government spending in the first few months of 2021. Yet, the only bill they could successfully pass to this point is the $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief act that was more special interest pork than relief for Americans.

Second, the Democrats do have an identity. It’s built around racial politics, overhauling immigration, and leaning more socialist with every election. The study doesn’t acknowledge the party’s far-left leanings as a likely reason for voter rebellion. The groups refused to acknowledge the realities of what went wrong for House Democrats in 2020 and the telltale headwinds the party turned into as Congress and Biden rushed headlong to the extreme left in the party at the expense of moderate Democrats.

In 2022, the Democrats will attempt to present their agenda as helpful for the poor, middle class, and minorities. However, the economy is already showing signs that these groups will be hurt the most by the Democratic agenda as inflation spikes and the prices of goods and services continue to rise.

Conservatives cannot allow Democrats to create a false narrative about their leftist agenda. Democrats got away with it in 2020 when Biden defined himself as a moderate while acknowledging at the same time he sold out to the left.

Democrats have set a record in a short time. It won’t be hard for America to see it’s not in alignment with an optimistic plan for liberty, prosperity, opportunity, and hope.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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