New Turn in FBI’s Clinton Investigation

J. Edgar Hoover Building with American Flag
J. Edgar Hoover Building with American Flag

Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, says of Hillary Clinton: “Right now she is being protected by a rigged system. It’s a totally rigged system.”
While that may be true, there is no absolute protection—try as they might. Trump’s comments follow FBI Director, James Comey’s latest decision not to prosecute Hillary Clinton for the email scandal. If you read the actual letter, he’s chosen his words very carefully. They are not recommending prosecution for the email issue. That was just a slap on the wrist even though we all know by the rule of law it would disqualify Clinton for office at the very least.
Keep this in mind: Sources from the FBI announced they are doing an extensive investigation into corruption in the Clinton Foundation, which is likely to take several months.
Wikileaks’ Podesta emails reveal that those closest to the Clintons discussed the use of funds from the foundation for Chelsea’s wedding, life expenses for a decade, and taxes. So, there will no doubt be plenty more that comes to light as the investigation continues.
The current letter they address in their standing on the original decision not to prosecute for the email hosting issue has nothing to do with the other cases against Clinton and her related parties.
The FBI isn’t done investigating – not by a long shot”. We think they have enough evidence to sink a whole boatload of dirty politicians.
The statements already in the public domain from respected authorities tell the real story.
“The FBI has an intensive ongoing investigation into the Clinton Foundation,” Tom Fuentes, a former assistant director at the FBI, said in early October.
They can’t help themselves folks—these people have no respect for the law. They will undoubtedly continue to dig their graves deeper with every day they have access to resources and the freedom to use them.
Our view is that the FBI has just witnessed first hand that the American people are now ready to back them up in taking down a much larger swath of corrupt politicians. We just need to have faith; they need more time to investigate—and that’s what they are doing. If we learn that faith is misplaced, I can’t see a scenario that goes well for them—or any of us for that matter.
If we don’t see additional internal mutiny within the FBI and 100+ resignations, we know they are still on the trail to bring on what could potentially be the largest bust in the history of the FBI. It would be quite remarkable if this was the case. I’d be extra proud to be American that day.
Many rumors have come out that an indictment could be coming soon. We will just have to wait and see. If Hillary wins, she will also be trying to serve while under investigation, in poor health. You can guess her next move already. If she gets tipped off that she’s about to be impeached, a sudden sickness would strike the same day and she would step down voluntarily. The FBI already knows this. They may have enough dirt on her running mate and the whole gang to put them all behind bars. Wouldn’t that be a sight!
If Trump pulls off a win, the same applies. Investigate and make the case rock solid. If the FBI rushes the investigation and prosecutes Clinton while Obama is still in office, he could actually pardon Clinton which would be wrong in so many ways. Remaining cautiously optimistic they know what they’re doing here.