New York Bans the Use of Term Inmate

New York Bans the Use of Term Inmate

Woke State Is BANNING This Word – Not Kidding!

( – When a person commits a crime, and a judge sends them to jail or prison, they become an inmate. At least … they did. New York Democrats have a problem with the term. So much so that they are now amending laws.

On Monday, August 8, Governor Kathy Hochul (D) signed legislation to amend laws to replace the term “inmate” with “incarcerated person” when referring to people in prison or jail. Social justice warriors have decided the term is too dehumanizing and want to reduce the stigma of people serving time. State Sen. Gustavo Rivera (D) told the Associated Press, “language matters.” He claimed lawmakers are taking steps to reform the criminal justice system to focus on “rehabilitation, rather than relying solely on punishment.”

MIT Professor of Linguistics Michel DeGraff said word choice matters more when discussing vulnerable individuals. Republicans aren’t buying the Left’s latest war on words. They don’t believe criminals are vulnerable people. Former Newsmax pundit Breanna Morello pointed out NY Dems haven’t put as much energy into stopping violent crime.

Conservative radio host Jason Rantz accused Democrats of caring more about “word policing” than actual policing.

Violent crime has surged in New York, but conservative critics believe rather than focusing on ensuring innocent people don’t fall victim to criminals, Democrats want to ensure those offenders don’t have their feelings hurt. It seems like an absurd political hill to die on — do you agree with Conservatives?

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