New York Sues to Dissolve NRA

New York Sues to Dissolve NRA

( – For decades, the Democratic Party has unsuccessfully tried to use the National Rifle Association (NRA) as a political punching bag. They have accused the nation’s largest gun-rights group of attempting to prohibit gun laws that Democrats say will protect people. Their latest move against the NRA is the real threat to Americans.

On Tuesday, two Democrat attorneys general filed separate lawsuits that they hope will dissolve the Second Amendment non-profit. They accused the NRA of multiple violations of fraud and abuse, including financial misconduct, using donated money for vacations, private jets, and expensive meals. 

Over the last few years, there have been internal clashes inside the NRA about its spending. Former NRA President Oliver North was pushed out after questioning the nonprofit’s financial mismanagement issues regarding former president Wayne LaPierre.

Retired Army Colonel and former Congressman Allen West (R-TX) also denounced the organization for “despicable spending of member’s money.” West is an NRA board member and new chairman of the Texas Republican Party.

New York and DC AGs Sue

In a statement by New York Attorney General Letitia James (D), she asserted that the NRA strayed from its mission statement for years and became a “breeding ground” for abuse, greed, and illegal activity. James said the only alternative was to dissolve the organization.

DC Attorney General Karl Racine sued on similar grounds. He accused the NRA of improper and lavish spending for top executives. He further agreed that the only solution was to dissolve the NRA. 

However, the NRA says it’s a power grab designed to give Democrats and the government more control over the daily lives of people. The one thing preventing them from doing that – gun ownership.

NRA Fires Back

Almost immediately, the NRA filed a countersuit in New York seeking an injunction against James for politically targeting the nonprofit. NRA President Carolyn Meadows accused James of being an “opportunist” and said the AG was seeking a “vendetta.”

Elaborating further, she tied the attempt to dissolve the organization as an attack on all of the NRA’s members and their Second Amendment rights. She suggested that the lawsuit by the liberal Democratic AGs was politically motivated as it comes during an election year. 

Political Consequences

Over the years, James has referred to the NRA as a “terrorist organization” and has been publicly critical of it. NRA lawyers will likely counter-argue that James is abusing her power by politicizing the issue.

Instead of making it about any wrong-doing, James’ actions muddle the waters by trying to dissolve the highly-supported organization three months before an election. 

Up until now, the gun debate issue has been relatively silent as COVID-19 leads the way. However, the cockiness of the lawsuits at this time would likely bring NRA and Second Amendment advocates out of the woods and into the fray.

President Donald Trump is leading the way on this matter. On Thursday, he said the radical left wants to take away guns, “immediately and without notice.” He added that they want to strip Americans of the ability to protect themselves while also defunding and abolishing the police.

Democrats may have awakened a sleeping giant in gun rights advocates. It’s exactly what the GOP needed to excite and mobilize gun rights voters. Democrats believe it will energize their advocates against gun violence. It goes to the point of asking: was the timing of this lawsuit about politics or justice?

By Don Purdum, Freelance Contributor

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