New York Times Reporter Deletes Tweet Targeting Trump Supporters

New York Times Reporter Deletes Tweet Targeting Trump Supporters

( – Once upon a time, the US media believed in being fair and unbiased. Those days are long gone and a reporter for The New York Times recently proved that. The same journalist is now trying to defend herself amid backlash.

On July 27, journalist Katie Brenner responded to the first January 6 committee hearing in a totally biased way by calling former President Donald Trump’s supporters “enemies of the state.”

She also declared that’s who Americans need to target if they want to “combat” national security threats in the country. She deleted the tweets after people reminded her that she isn’t supposed to be a partisan political hack.

Then Brenner tried to explain the messages away by blaming unclear wording.

Conservatives slammed the NYT journalist for her remarks. Fellow journalist Glenn Greenwald pointed out that Brenner isn’t an op-ed writer, she’s an actual news writer who is clearly biased.

Brenner’s tweets are a perfect illustration of why so many Americans don’t trust the media. Instead of just reporting the news, these so-called journalists attack Conservatives. The New York Times has, of course, not indicated whether or not its reporter will be reprimanded.

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