Newest State Lottery: Lifesaving COVID Treatment

Newest State Lottery: Lifesaving COVID Treatment

( – The 14th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States reads in part “… nor shall any state… deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.” Given that this was ratified in the late 19th-century, one has to wonder how it is that the state of Pennsylvania has seemingly forgotten that here in the 21st-century.

The New Lotto: You Won’t Win Millions but Could Lose Your Life

In a move that has received shockingly little coverage, the Keystone state has put into place a set of rules regarding the vital coronavirus medicine Remdesivir (RDV) and which patients will receive it. One could logically assume that the doctors on the front lines would use normal criteria to decide on how best to treat their patients. One would be extraordinarily wrong!

The state which is run by Democratic Governor Tom Wolf has decreed from on high that Lady Luck playing on a tilted table will decide who is given a chance at life and who will be left to fend for themselves. In what they are somehow calling an “ethical application framework” they have created a mathematical formula that they claim will “proactively mitigate health disparities in COVID-19 outcomes.”

To put that into words that the typical English speaker can more easily understand, that means they are going to make sure that RDV will be provided to lower-income and black patients. A cynical person might note that historically those two subsets of the population tend to vote for the Progressive Liberals.

The Proper Procedures

In the earlier stages of the pandemic, there was a fear that there might be such a need for ventilators to help people to breathe, that it might become necessary to ration those. As fear started spreading, the New England Journal of Medicine – arguably the most prestigious of all in that field – published an article outlining what should and should not be contributing factors in triaging decisions.

The Pennsylvania pogrom program flies not only in the face of human decency, but also of many of the points in that paper. Among which are found, verbatim:

  • Treating people equally.
  • Giving priority to the worst off.
  • Consensus exists that an individual person’s wealth should not determine who lives or dies.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that the Socialist/Communist cabal of the Left-Fascists is pushing an Agenda, not of equality but of retribution against Conservative American values. They defend riots and armed insurrection as “peaceful protests,” hold up financial support for the people they purport to represent to gain political victories and have now weaponized the healthcare system.

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