News Anchor FIRED – The Reason Why is Shocking!

News Anchor Fired for Abusing Coworker

News Anchor Fired for Abusing Coworker

( – A Missouri radio station has fired a presenter after he launched an unhinged verbal attack on his co-host. Despite apologizing for his outburst, it appeared Vic Faust, an anchor for Fox 2 in St Louis, Missouri, reconsidered his actions too late.

On September 16, an anonymous source at Fox 2 sent the St Louis Post-Dispatch a recording of the former news anchor unleashing a vile tirade against co-host Crystal Cooper. During the four-minute rant, the ex-host called his stunned colleague a “f–king fat, nasty b–ch” and accused her of being stupid. He told her, “Your kids have a f–king terrible mom. I feel sorry for them,” and warned her not to co-host with him again. The recording ends with a producer telling the pair to “Chill!” Faust didn’t return to work after the incident, and the station seems to have placed the show on hold for the time being.

Faust confirmed the incident happened and issued an apology on Twitter on September 21. He said he was “ashamed” of his actions, but the tweet, and his account, are now gone. Station management fired him the same day, and the station general manager, Kurt Krueger, said, “Vic Faust no longer works for Fox 2.”

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