Newt Gingrich Reveals Greatest Threat Since Civil War

Newt Gingrich Reveals Greatest Threat Since Civil War

( – When Joe Biden and Kamala Harris hit the campaign trail, Conservatives knew they would push a radical agenda should they make it to the White House. This outcome was clear despite Biden’s pandering to Moderates of both parties, indicating he would be a middle-of-the-road politician and unite our country.

After six months in office, Conservatives across the board can see just how much damage the Biden administration has done. Now, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is speaking out against the Democratic party with stronger words than ever before.

President Biden Takes a Jab at Republicans

On Tuesday, July 13, President Joe Biden gave a fiery speech in Philadelphia to rally support for his party’s radical voting bill, the For the People Act, currently stalled in the Senate under a filibuster. During the speech, he criticized Republicans for enacting the election reform bills they have passed in multiple states to protect election integrity, calling the legislation “un-American” and “undemocratic.” However, Gingrich did not let this speech go unanswered.

Democrats Are the Greatest Threat to American Freedom

Just a few hours after Biden’s speech, Gingrich spoke with Fox News’ “Hannity” about the state of our nation and federal government. He didn’t mince words when he declared Democrat leaders, including the president, Vice President Kamala Harris, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), are “the greatest domestic threat the United States has faced to freedom since the Civil War” because of their current attempted power grab.

He highlighted a few main strategies the Left is using to solidify power at the top, including weakening police departments, bringing “wokeness” into our nation’s Armed Forces, and censoring conservative Americans. Gingrich further described the Left’s agenda, noting that if they pass the “For the People Act,” they would be able to “steal everything they need to steal.”

Mark Brnovich Joins Gingrich in His Warning

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich joined the conversation on “Hannity,” specifically highlighting how President Biden gaslit Americans. He reminded listeners that Biden advertised himself as a “middle of the road” president but has actually put “this country on the highway to hell.”

Gingrich and Brnovich reminded listeners of the protests in Cuba and Venezuela right now as those nation’s citizens are speaking out against their oppressive governments. Brnovich urged Americans to “stand up now” before our government takes away too many liberties. He advocates it would be much less costly to protect freedom and liberty now than to restore them from an oppressive government. He’s not wrong.

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