NICS Numbers Show Startling Gun Sales in America

NICS Numbers Show Startling Gun Sales in America

( – The last few years have been rough on Americans. The country dealt with a national health emergency, an inflation crisis, and political upheaval. It appears the American people have responded by arming themselves to the teeth.

The National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) released the FBI numbers showing how many background checks were performed in July for guns. The agency received requests for 2,015,789. The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) revealed July marked the 48th straight month that adjusted background checks have exceeded 1 million in a single month.

The NSSF statement said the background check numbers aren’t “a direct correlation to firearms sales” but do provide a snapshot of current conditions in the gun market. Also, the organization pointed out the NICS data is used to track transfers and new sales.

NSSF spokesman Mark Oliva told the Washington Examiner that reaching the milestone of more than 1 million background checks for firearms sales was “remarkable.” He explains that it was “no small achievement” and indicates the American people have a “sustained appetite” for their Constitutional rights. In a post on X, formerly Twitter, he said people should realize their neighbors are probably gun owners.

New statistics suggest that up to 60% of Americans might actually be gun owners, according to The Reload podcast.

The Supreme Court has also expanded gun rights in recent years, allowing more people to own them.

Oliva also celebrated that the milestone was reached despite the gun control agenda put in place by President Joe Biden. He accused the POTUS of demonstrating “nothing but contempt for the Second Amendment” and said he has tried to “impede the ability of law-abiding citizens” to own the guns they want. Oliva said that while the president tries to restrict gun ownership, the American people are “sending a clear signal each and every month” that their 2A rights aren’t “up for negotiation.”

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