Nikki Haley Unveils Proposal for US Retirement Age

Nikki Haley Unveils Proposal for US Retirement Age

( – Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) released a 12-point proposal last year that would have forced lawmakers to reauthorize Medicare and Social Security. After Democrats tore into him, he altered the plan and explicitly stated the two programs would not be touched. Republican primary candidate Nikki Haley recently made it clear that she thinks lawmakers need to make changes to the programs.

During a June 3 interview with Newsmax’s “Saturday Agenda,” the former South Carolina governor boldly stated, “Yes, we do have to talk about entitlement reform.” She said that doesn’t mean she thinks lawmakers should “take away from those that [sic] put money in,” but she thinks that raising the retirement age is something Congress has to consider, even though similar action led to massive protests in France. The European country recently raised the age from 62 to 64. America’s current retirement age is 67.

Haley said lawmakers have to tell people in their 20s that Congress has to raise the age so that it “reflects life expectancy,” which in the US is just over 76 years old, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

The GOP candidate said that she thinks it’s time to “put an accountant in the White House” so Americans can see their tax dollars spent how they should be. She believes she’s the accountant the country needs. She explained that lawmakers are handing over a country saddled with debt to its children, and she doesn’t think they will forgive them for it.

The three major trusts that fund Medicare and Social Security are on track to be insolvent in the next decade. The Old-Age and Survivors Insurance Trust Fund for Social Security, which covers benefits for survivors of deceased workers, retirees, and their children and spouses, will only be able to pay 100% of benefits until 2033. After that, the fund will only be able to pay 77%.

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