NK Weapons Test [PLUS: Asylum Ban and Mnuchin vs. Acosta]

NK Weapons Test [PLUS: Asylum Ban and Mnuchin vs. Acosta]

North Korea Fires Projectiles

Earlier this month, North Korea decided to launch two unidentified objects. This occurred just a few hours after they showed interest in resuming talks about nuclear weapons with the US.

The projectiles, which were fired from South Pyongan Province, were aimed at the ocean. Apparently the intention was to make a statement rather than a real threat. Some experts speculate that North Korea will use this latest launch as a form of pressure against the US in upcoming talks.

This was the eighth projectile launch since the end of July. Previous launches included rocket artillery systems and short-range missiles that could bypass missile defense systems. If North Korea were to perfect these weapons, then they could eventually enact a deadly strike against South Korea.

Nationwide Asylum Ban Restored

A new rule from the Trump administration prevents asylum seekers from entering the US if they illegally passed through another country to reach our border. That is, the rule WAS in place until US District Judge Jon Tigar reinstated an injunction against the ruling. Such is expected from a California judge.

Tigar had originally issued the injunction in July, however, the Ninth US Circuit Court of Appeals revised his ruling. It now only applies to states along that are within its jurisdiction.

Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Mark Morgan said Tigar’s ruling was an act of “judicial activism.” The White House immediately petitioned the Supreme Court to set aside the judge’s order. What a surprise to see another Liberal abuse their authority for the sake of liberal ideologies.

Steven Mnuchin Stands up to Jim Acosta

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin decided during a press briefing that he wasn’t going to tolerate any more terrible questions from CNN’s Jim Acosta.

While Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Mnuchin were discussing matters of the state, Acosta was given permission to ask a question. He asked if the national security team is a mess — which was clearly an attempt to ruffle feathers rather than asking important questions.

Mnuchin responded “Absolutely not. That’s the most ridiculous question I’ve ever heard of. The national security team, which is what you asked, consists of the national security adviser, the Secretary of Defense, the Secretary of State, myself, the Chief of Staff and many others.”

Acosta attempted to continue speaking (as if he had anything else of relevance to say) before being cut off by Pompeo. Finally, Acosta is getting a portion of what he deserves.

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