No, Trump Didn’t Cave to Anything

No, Trump Didn’t Cave to Anything
No, Trump Didn’t Cave to Anything

The final weekend in January has now come and gone, and with it came a very temporary end to one of the longest government shutdowns in American history. But the main issue still hasn’t been resolved.
On Saturday, President Trump agreed to reinstate and fund the government for another three weeks. Depending on who you talk to (and how Left they lean), that’s either a smart move or a good example of Trump caving to pressure. We assure you, it isn’t the latter one.
The real story on the shutdown isn’t as simple as the media (or certain outspoken political figures) would have you believe. Instead, it’s being misrepresented by the Left and a few loud-mouthed malcontents to make Trump look bad (as usual). So, let’s take a look at the situation and what it all means for everyday Americans.

  • First things first: the shutdown is not “over,” really. Trump’s agreement only covers a three-week period that officially ends on February 15th. Furthermore, it only affects select agencies and services (about a quarter of all agencies). Lawmakers had already funded the other 75 percent through September even before this shutdown began to unfold.
  • What Trump signed was not an agreement to cave to Democratic demands, as the Left would have you believe. Instead, it’s a temporary spending bill that gives the federal government power to pay civil servants and fund critical social services. Federal employees can return to work, at least temporarily.
  • Leftist news media has claimed that Trump “caved to pressure” because the temporary spending bill does not include funds to build the wall. But that does not mean wall funding is off the table, nor does it mean 45 is letting the issue of the wall and firming up border security fall by the wayside.
  • In fact, the President put very specific guidelines into place for what must happen in the coming weeks before he officially signed it. He called for “a bipartisan conference committee of House and Senate lawmakers and leaders” to “put together a homeland security package” by February 15th.
  • It’s a gutsy move, but it’s also a mark of Trump’s genius, too. Democrats simply refused to even entertain the wall; by pushing out the shutdown as far as he did, he showed how serious he is about the cause. But he’s also not willing to punish innocent federal employees and America’s less fortunate.
  • By agreeing to re-fund the government temporarily, Trump shows us that he respects the struggle of those most affected. But it isn’t “caving” or giving up to Democratic pressure at all. Trump also stated that he expects Democrats and Republicans to work together in good faith to find a solution.
  • So, what happens if the Left doesn’t cooperate? Unfortunately, this is so likely to happen it’s almost a guarantee, but Trump is ready to take action if it does. He’s already confirmed a plan to call for a national state of emergency to fund the wall and improve border security after February 15th.
  • If the idea of a national state of emergency sounds dire, that’s because it really is. But the state of our borders? That’s pretty dire, too, and Democrats aren’t giving an inch to help protect us from criminals and terrorists. Declaring a state of emergency essentially gives Trump the power to seize federal assets and move forward with the plan to build the wall – whether the Left agrees or not.
  • Declaring a state of emergency also removes a significant number of  legal limits on Trump’s presidential authority. Essentially, it gives him the right to make decisions whether or not the House or Congress agrees.
  • In fact, it would instantly give him access to nearly 100 special provisions. This includes the exemption of national defense contracts from competitive bidding, the regulation of federal property purchases and contracts, and the President’s right to make national defense contracts outside of otherwise applicable rules.
  • How does this all play into the wall? Well, if February 15th arrives and no solution is on the horizon, Trump could potentially call a national state of emergency. If and when he does, he could effectively seize federal funds to fund the wall and assign our own military to build it.
  • In an ideal world, the Right and the Left would work together for the good of all Americans. Most of us are seasoned enough to know that this is a pipe dream, especially in today’s political climate. Trump is just showing us his masterful ability to get the job done in even the most inhospitable environments.