North Korea Imposes New, Ridiculous Ban

North Korea Imposes New, Ridiculous Ban
North Korea Imposes New, Ridiculous Ban

Let the good times roll… just not in North Korea. North Korea has announced a ban on “drinking and singing,” all across the tiny country in response to pressure from Donald J. Trump. The announcement is considered just another attempt from dictatorial leader Kim Jong Un to control the flow of information both into and out of the country. The new law also bans gatherings in public places, preventing the populace from coming together to exchange information.

Key Facts About the New North Korean Law

  • Contrary to popular belief, the restrictive country does not ban alcohol or even many drugs. Some North Koreans have stated that methamphetamine use is as common as a “cup of tea.” Both marijuana and opium paste are readily available over the counter.
  • The new law specifically bans “any gatherings related to drinking, singing and other entertainment.” This includes both official, government-led events and non-official events.
  • The ban was preceded by an announcement that government leaders were “undertaking an inspection of the military politburo” due to potential upheaval from the inside. At least one news outlet (Reuters) connects the announcement to an increase in “impure attitude toward the party leadership.”
  • Both Hwang Pyong-so and deputy chief Kim Won-hong have been punished for unknown crimes falling under the same label in recent days. It isn’t yet known whether those punishments amounted to execution, time in labor camps, or something more minor, but past military punishments have been exceptionally harsh.
  • Citizens who gather and celebrate in spite of the ban could face a broad range of harsh results, including work camp assignment, prison, and even execution.

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