North Korea May Plunge the U.S. Into Nuclear War

North Korea May Plunge the U.S. into Nuclear War

Bad news is a dime a dozen lately, and what we’re about to drop on you doesn’t exactly qualify for the opposite, either. Newly released satellite images prove that North Korea may be planning to detonate a nuclear bomb in honor of the country’s esteemed “Day of the Sun.” The photos in question come from Google Maps and illustrate North Korea’s Punggye-ri Nuclear air base and nuclear site.
Recent changes to the area and equipment present on each of the lots within the facility triggered a warning from North Korean monitoring service 38 North, who believes that each change is a sign of impending explosion.
The first and most obvious sign was the introduction of new equipment, each piece carefully covered with mesh to conceal its contents. An influx of soldiers and people walking around the facility and a ceasing of outflow from the nuclear site’s drainage pipe also have some officials questioning what exactly is going on inside.
Although it’s impossible to say just yet for sure whether North Korea is planning another test, China did make an announcement that the country would step up and protect them if they halt their nuclear program. Requests for North Korea to cease nuclear investigations have seemingly fallen on deaf ears up until now.
President Trump has indicated that he continues to have “very good calls” with China in regard to the threat. Though relations between the United States and China are clearly strained, both countries firmly believe that North Korea should, in fact, cease nuclear research immediately.
A recent special forces exercise in North Korea, overseen by leader Kim Jong-Un, may also point to the fact that North Korea is readying for war. Pictures released show a smiling and proud leader watching a field where paratroopers rain down from the sky. Information released with the images likened it to hail and claimed that the soldiers were, “blowing up enemy targets.”
Kim Jong-Un has stated in the past that any aggression from the United States could directly result in a nuclear response from North Korea. While the country does have access to the weapons needed to do so, conservative intelligence estimates show that the United States far exceeds the closed-off country in military prowess.
Do you think North Korea is preparing for war? Or are the changes to the country’s famous nuclear site simply indicative of increased military training? Tell us what you think!