North Korea Produces New Missile

North Korea Produces New Missile
North Korea Produces New Missile

Maybe it’s time to get tougher with North Korea. Insider sources have revealed that the tiny reclusive country and its dictator, Kim Jong Un, are producing yet another nuclear missile. This is after our President went so far out of his way to meet him in the middle, being patient and offering help to get the country on track.

Key Facts

• Here’s what we know so far, thanks to military observation and the participation of multiple U.S. Intelligence agencies. North Korea has reactivated the missile factory it had previously shut down after pressure from the United States. They are now actively working on “the country’s first intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of reaching the United States.”
• Satellite photo evidence proves the development of a “liquid-fueled” missile at a well-known research facility” just outside of the capital city, Pyongyang. So far, they haven’t expanded their nuclear program, but the reactivation proves the potential for such an action – and the fact that they don’t keep promises.
• It’s easy to see the similarities between North Korea and a poorly disciplined teenager. They don’t listen to reason, they misbehave, they don’t consider the safety of others, and they totally ignore what everyone else suggests because they think they’re always right.
• What is especially frustrating about this news is that the President has gone out of his way, multiple times, to meet North Korea halfway. At risk of criticizing the President, he has made more concessions than many of us would allow if we were in the same position. Yet North Korea offers nothing in return.
• It isn’t like Trump didn’t sweeten the deal, either. In fact, Mr. Trump offered humanitarian aid, assistance with resolving poverty issues, and a closer relationship with the wealthiest country in the world. If North Korea were to take up the offer, they could be thriving instead of languishing in starvation and paranoid militant control.
• Our one request? Stop their nuclear program, which had clearly been half-tossed together and was leaking on their own land, too, before it endangers their people and the rest of the world. But they basically spit it back in our faces and do what they want anyway. If ever there was proof that North Korea cannot be trusted to engage in diplomatic relations, this is it.