North Korea Steadily Takes Steps Against Agreement with US

North Korea Steadily Takes Steps Against Agreement with US
North Korea Steadily Takes Steps Against Agreement with US

Remember those long months in 2016 when it seemed as if we were constantly writing about North Korea and Donald Trump? For a while there, it really felt as if Trump was making progress. North Korea offered to step down nuclear efforts if the U.S. would promise not to attack them, and there was hope the two Koreas might heal their broken relationship.
At one point, Kim Jong Un even went for a leisurely stroll along the South Korean border with the President. He and Trump walked hand-in-hand like best buddies, celebrating successful peace talks. Ah, diplomacy… how we love thee.
Before you get too lost in reverie, here… We all knew that wouldn’t last, right? In fact, just about anyone with half a brain knew it wasn’t a legitimate or reliable “agreement” right from day one. And before the Left starts pointing the finger, it isn’t because of Trump.
Now, we have proof.

Key Facts

• One of the key points in peace talks between Trump and Kim Jong Il was the President’s bone of contention about their nuclear program. For months, Jong Un threatened to bomb the USA out of existence (ha, okay). When pressed by the President to disarm nuclear sites, they refused, claiming that the American government just wanted to disarm them to bomb them out of existence.
• It was never really clear whether North Korea posed any real threat. All of their missile tests, save a couple, failed to produce results. And most of their nuclear sites showed signs of leaks and breakdowns from inept processing and handling procedures.
• Maybe that’s why Jong Il eventually agreed to step down his nuclear program and work toward peace with the USA in the first place. Now, he’s back at his antics again, “significantly expanding” NK’s long-range missile base and constructing a brand-new facility.
Images obtained by CNN show the Yeongjo-dong Missile Base is not only active, but may have also been quietly upgraded over time. A second newer missile base (an underground facility) seems to also be active and in the process of an upgrade.
• Unsurprisingly, Jong Un likely knew about these facilities all along. He just lied to the President about them. In fact, the newer of the two facilities was apparently built and opened as the Singapore Summit unfolded in 2017 — the very moment when Jong Un swore to step it back.
• North Korea’s government promised to, “work toward complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.” Did that actually happen? Of course not. Does anyone really trust them to keep their word? If you want to talk about someone in politics lying, few countries have a lengthier record than North Korea.
President Trump has made it clear that he has no tolerance for these kind of games. He’s made some significant recent strides in foreign policy and relations, but understands that diplomacy only goes so far. American citizens aren’t likely to have anything to fear from North Korea, but the little country can’t say the same about the US with a president who takes a no nonsense approach to pending threats.