North Korea Tests New Military Device

North Korea Tests New Military Device

The North Koreans are at a it again, only this time they aren’t just testing missiles. While Americans were remembering their fallen from past wars over the long weekend, North Korea was busy testing another missile, but they are also testing a new anti-aircraft system that Kim Jong Un believes will end the “enemy’s” ability to command the air around them.

North Koreans Fire on Japan

On Sunday, the North Koreans tested what the Japanese believe to be another ballistic missile. This one fell just short of 250 miles, landing in Japan’s maritime economic zone. The missile did not do any damage to Japanese vehicles or aircraft, but wasn’t exactly welcome to the area, either.
While Americans tend to build on the tradition of cookouts and time with friends and family on the weekends, the North Koreans are lighting fires of a different sort. Kim Jong Un has his heart set on developing a missile that can carry a nuclear weapon to the United States mainland. The North Korean leader also wants to control the air around North Korea in order to prevent the United States military from having the ability to attack from above.
Some say that with the kind of efforts North Korea is making, they have a very good chance of meeting their goals.

The Real Threat

It’s normal for any leader to want to be able to defend his land from ground, sea, or air attacks, but Kim Jong Un isn’t the average leader. His aggressive efforts and focus on the United States are starting to make North Korea look like a real threat that needs to be taken seriously. And, it isn’t just because he is making every attempt to have the capability of reaching the US mainland with a nuclear weapon. It’s also because if the North Koreans fail, and the weapons don’t meet their intended target, to be fielded off in the air by US military defense weapons, it’s hard telling where they might land. That’s because the North Koreans don’t have the resources to focus as much on quality as they have the energy to focus on the US. Like a child wielding a rusty knife, the North Koreans could be just as dangerous because of failures as they would be because of successes.