North Korea Threatens EMP Attack

North Korea Threatens EMP Attack
North Korea Threatens EMP Attack

When most Americans think of the hydrogen bomb, they think of a huge explosion with an aftermath of destruction and death… and that’s a pretty fair concept, unless that bomb is detonated overhead. That is exactly what North Korea has threatened to do. An overhead detonation would cause an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) that could change life for more than 300 million Americans who rely on the power grid.
The scariest part of all is that our government has no plan in place for this. In fact, the power grid isn’t something it protects… and neither does anyone else.
The issue is the same as it always is — money. No one wants to claim responsibility for protecting the grid, because it means spending more. To some degree, the individual utility companies are responsible for their own energy supplies. However, they hesitate to take on new responsibilities, not just because it means increasing costs to already frustrated consumers, but because it also means more regulations.
The Department of Homeland Security, along with the Department of Energy have been working over the past year to make things like an EMP get higher on the priority list. Meanwhile, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) contends that they are “constantly working with federal partners to identify threats and vulnerabilities that could impact the power grid.”
Notice a theme here?
No one is actively doing anything that could prevent an EMP from wiping out the power grid. They have been working for a year to make it more of a priority, but no one really wants to take on that responsibility.
Let that sink in. One hydrogen bomb could wipe out the electricity of an entire nation. Just take one look at the current situation in Puerto Rico if you want an idea of how well that’s going to go over.
All this time, the U.S. has been worried about the mainland being hit by a nuclear bomb, but the reality is that the mainland doesn’t have to be touched. In fact, the higher a hydrogen bomb is in the atmosphere, the more power it can wipe out. Research has indicated that more than 90 percent of the population of America would die within the first year, should we experience an EMP attack.
If you haven’t been planning for self-sufficiency, now might be a good time to start. Because it isn’t just North Korea that has EMP capabilities. China, Iran and Russia all have EMP plans in place with their military structure.
Should we be struck by an EMP, the only way to maintain power is by going old school. Think in terms of generators, Analog radios and even older cars that don’t rely on a computer. What would your life be like without electricity for more than a day or a week. Do you have the medical supplies you need? Food? The ability to communicate with people outside of your own home? An EMP means survival of the fittest, where the fittest aren’t necessarily those with the latest technological devices. It’s time for Americans to start preparing for modern survival in a worst case scenario, before the lunatic across the pond actually does something.