North Korea Turns to Bioweapons

North Korea Turns to Bioweapons
North Korea Turns to Bioweapons

A recent report reveals shocking news from North Korea: Kim Jong-un’s government may be developing bioweapons to aid in the fight against America. If utilized, bioweapons would include microbes that have been genetically modified to produce the most damage. What’s tipping military experts off is evidence that North Korea is creating new factories and laboratories – all while sending experts off to various areas of the world to study for related degrees.

Key Facts Concerning North Korea’s Bioweapons

  • The American government has been aware of North Korea’s dabbling in bioweapons for many years. However, concern has increased dramatically in recent weeks, after specific threats of nuclear warfare from the tiny peninsular country.
  • Kim Jong-un is suggesting that recent increases in military presence throughout South Korea can and will lead to “World War III.” President Trump recently increased presence to 28,500 US troops, most of whom are stationed in and around Seoul. If you would like to share your opinion concerning a potential WW III, don’t forget to cast your vote here.
  • America first became aware of North Korea’s involvement with biological weapons in 2006, when it was revealed that the country was investing in smallpox and anthrax labs. At the time, the UK’s director of national intelligence seemed unphased by the involvement, saying only that, “Pyongyang’s resources presently include a rudimentary biotechnology infrastructure.”
  • Until recently, most people did not believe that North Korea had the technology to support the creation of bioweapons for warfare. But new evidence shows these technological hurdles are falling away rapidly, giving the country the ability to produce bioweapons “by the ton.”
  • Nuclear weapons and bioweapons are both considered weapons of mass destruction because they can result in the devastating loss of millions when misused. Put together, that risk becomes even higher. It is technically feasible for North Korea to load bioweapons onto nuclear weapons, ensuring that anyone not killed in the original attack becomes sick or later dies.

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What is your biggest concern? Are you “prepped” for biochemical warfare? Do you think North Korea will actually use it?