North Korean Military Fleeing

North Korean Military Fleeing
North Korean Military Fleeing

One of the top North Korean watchdog websites is claiming that North Korean soldiers are being granted leave in an attempt to find food. Reports coming from the tiny isolated country state that food availability and security has become so bad that not even the government has enough resources to support its 1.3 million troops.
Key Facts
• Daily NK posted that, “A series of events including international sanctions and a poor harvest caused by drought has left many in difficult times.”
• The same source also indicated that authorities continue to conscript North Koreans under Kim Jong-un’s watch, yet repeatedly fail to”…provide sufficient food rations.”
• An insider source from Ryanggang Province confirmed the suspected food shortage. “Even though the price of rice hasn’t changed much in the markets, people are especially worried…” The source also shared concerns about continued sanctions worsening the situation.
• The famine has created a dangerous situation throughout North Korea, with loan sharks calling in loans and everyday people selling food and other items on the street. Increased activity has strangely lowered prices throughout North Korea’s markets despite the shortage.
• Photos sourced from North Korea show soldiers and military officers in corn fields throughout North Hamgyong. It is believed the soldiers are working as farmers with military officers supervising, although the scale of such operations remains unknown.
• In at least one instance, soldiers were granted a full two to three months away to go home and find food – food which they are expected to bring back immediately. Other insiders claim that officers are directing them to eat corn straight from the stalk because “war is imminent.”
• Two North Korean soldiers recently defected across the border, chased by shots fired by their colleagues. The most recent defector, who was critically injured escaping, claims that Kim Jong-un has anthrax and recently ordered the “biggest missile yet for the nation’s 70th anniversary.”

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