NRA Executive Director Has a Few Choice Words For President Obama On Gun Control

President Barack Obama held a town hall on Thursday which was televised by CNN so he could make the case for gun control mandates issued earlier this week. The NRA came out strongly opposing the proposed measures and defended their rights under the 2nd Amendment.
The Executive Director for the NRA stated that one of the more offensive comments Barack Obama made at the town hall this evening was to suggest the NRA was profiting from gun violence. The NRA did not send anyone to attend the town hall because they said it was only offered one prescreened question.

“The San Bernardino murder had something in common with the Santa Barbara murder, the Tucson murder, and the Aurora murderer, and the Chattanooga, the Charleston, and the Southern Virginia,” Cox reminded the audience, “all of them went through President Obama’s background check and every one of them passed.”

Barack Obama is “trying to create an illusion that he is trying to keep people safe” because “his policies have failed miserably”, Cox said, as he accused Obama of using the terrorist attacks as a chance to divert attention from his failures by inflicting more gun control. “He has supported every gun control measure that’s been made. He doesn’t support the individual right to own a firearm,” Cox said. “It’s been the position of his Supreme Court nominees, that’s been the position of his administration.”
President Obama’s Town Hall Meeting On Gun Control
January 7, 2016

Cox said he doesn’t have an interest in talking to a president who “doesn’t have a basic level of respect or understanding in the Second Amendment and law-abiding gun owners in this country.”
President Obama said he wanted to apply the same concept behind seat belt laws to gun laws in order to protect our children. Cox said that’s not only “offensive”, it’s “disgusting.” This president wants people to believe gun owners don’t care about their children.