NRA Throws Down the Gauntlet

NRA Throws Down the Gauntlet
NRA Throws Down the Gauntlet

The NRA won’t put up with media lies and fake news anymore. Instead, they’re speaking out against it at press conferences and launching a new television show to counter the lies directly. In a controversial CPAC 2018 press conference speech, Dana Loesch accused the FBI and several other organizations of dropping the ball on many of these mass shooters. She also threw down the gauntlet by questioning why the media isn’t focusing on the many systemic failures leading to gun crime.

Key Facts

• The NRA spokeswoman accused the media of “loving mass shootings” for the ratings, suggesting that “crying white mothers are ratings gold.” She also brought up the point that the media largely ignores mass shootings when people of color are the victims.
• Loesch challenged the media directly, specifically pointing to the legacy media members in the back. “You can write whatever you want about me, you can come find me in the hallways, you can scream at me, you can try to confront me…but we’re not going anywhere. I call BS!”
• She also pointed out the inherent bias in media. “If it bleeds it leads; but it has to be the right people at the right time,” she began. “Washington Navy Yard, Garland, Texas, Fort Hood, Charleston, Boston, San Bernardino, Orlando, Parkland…do you know what all of these mass tragedy incidents involve? The FBI dropped the ball.”
• “In Charleston, this murderer was able to pass a background check even though he was a prohibited possessor because, as former FBI Director James Comey said, they made a mistake,” she continued. “It was a paperwork error.”
• “Sutherland Springs,” she added. “This mass murderer was able to go and mow down a church…because why? The Air Force did not report his conviction, the fact that he was mentally unstable, to the NICS system.”
• Speaking of her fellow NRA members, Loesch proclaimed, “We will not be gaslighted into thinking that we are responsible for a tragedy that we had nothing to do with.” Then, she pointed out that it isn’t the NRA’s job to follow up on red flags, many of which the FBI seems to be overlooking on a regular basis. “It is not our job to make sure that states are reporting to the [NICS] system.”
• Pointing the finger right at law enforcement, Loesch reminded the crowd of what she considers most important. “A failure of law enforcement is not a failure of the law. It is a failure of enforcement.”
• For as much as she pointed out the fact that it isn’t the NRA’s duty to police red flags, Loesch also seemed happy to take on the role. “Now, if all of those in the legacy media are arguing for the NRA…to give us the authority to go and follow up on these red flag events…I’ll volunteer right here, right now.”
• During her 10-minute speech, Loesch also highlighted frightening statistics. Approximately 98.4 percent of all shootings since 1950 have taken place in gun-free zones. Incredibly, 38 states submit nearly 80 percent of all information in the NICS system – the rest don’t contribute much at all, even when criminals may be a distinct danger to society. These issues all contribute to national gun crime.