Obama and Biden Take Credit For Trump’s Hard Work

Obama and Biden Take Credit For Trump's Hard Work

(UnitedVoice.com) – On Sunday night, President Biden and former President Obama laid on a celebrity-packed promotional event to persuade Americans to get a COVID vaccination. The 60-minute NBC special promoted the safety and effectiveness of the vaccines, which are now available to all Americans aged 16 or over. The event also pushed the myth that this is a Democrat achievement.

Biden and Obama pulled in a range of celebrities for the event, from NFL quarterback Russell Wilson to NBA veteran Shaquille O’Neal, but one name wasn’t mentioned – Donald Trump. The reality is, the fact vaccines are available at all is because of President Trump and his development initiative, Operation Warp Speed, which was launched on April 29 last year. The program invested $18 billion in 8 different vaccine projects. Two of them have now been given emergency use authorizations by the FDA, and a quarter of the US population is already fully inoculated.

Operation Warp Speed was a Trump program, and the two successful vaccines were already in development before the election and approved before Biden took office. Figures that now he’s taking the credit.

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