Obama Attacks Sarah Palin: Claims She’s the Source of Dark Spirits

Obama Attacks Sarah Palin: Claims She's the Source of Dark Spirits

(UnitedVoice.com) – In 2008, two historic candidates were running in the presidential election. Democrat Barack Obama, the first African-American to become a major party presidential nominee, and Sarah Palin who was the first Republican woman to be a vice-presidential candidate. More than a decade later, one of them is still attacking the other.

In Obama’s new book, “A Promised Land,” released November 17, he slams Palin saying she brought out the “dark spirits” of the Republican Party. He claims those spirits include “xenophobia, anti-intellectualism, paranoid conspiracy theories” and racism (although he doesn’t outright call it that).

Palin responded to the former president with a funny tweet accompanied by a statement.

The former Alaska governor thanked Obama for his statement and said she’s “honored” by the implication she changed the party. She finished with a cutting line, saying it was nice to know she’s “lived rent free in [his] head” for 12 years. Mic drop.

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