Obama Called Out by Trump

Obama Called Out by Trump
Obama Called Out by Trump

It’s official: President Trump has replaced former DHS lead Kirstjen Nielsen with McAleenan, an American attorney who previously served as Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection. On top of that, he’s put the things Nielsen and the Trump administration in general were blamed for back on the shoulders they belong on… Obama’s.
There are rumors about Nielsen’s departure. Some say Nielsen fought with Trump over what she saw as his “inappropriate anger” over the wave of migrants crossing the border. Others believe Trump lost faith in her ability to hold the hardline approach in the fight for border security.
And Democrats? This won’t be surprising to you, but they believe Nielsen is essentially the most cruel and evil woman on the planet. CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin even suggested she should be remembered as “the woman who put children in cages.”
So what’s the real story?
It looks like the truth may not be as straightforward as you think (is it ever?). Most importantly, it appears as if much of these rumors might just be Leftist lies.
How do we know this?
Trump stood up for her and pushed back at them shortly after he let her go, refusing to let her take the blame for a mess created by the former president.

Key Points

  • Trump’s frustration came to a head during the early morning Oval Office press conference on April 9th.  “President Obama separated the children,” he exclaimed. “Those cages that were shown, I think they were very inappropriate, they were built by President Obama’s administration.”
  • The President also dismissed the idea that Nielsen was somehow connected to the cages and was therefore responsible for separating children from their parents. “President Obama had child separation,” he corrected, “I’m the one that stopped it.”
  • He also lamented the media’s role in spreading fake news, especially around such a serious issue. “”I wish the press would accurately report it, but of course they won’t,” he sighed. “Take a look. The press knows it, you know it, we all know it.”
  • “I’ll tell you something,” he continued. “Once you don’t have [border security], that’s why you see many more people coming. They’re coming in like it’s a picnic. Because, let’s go to the Disneyland.”

Trump’s only saying what many of us have been thinking, but beyond that, it says something about his character that he defended someone who didn’t always tell him what he agreed with or wanted to hear. When’s the last time an employer did that, much less a president?