Obama Can Pardon Clinton If Indicted

United States Capitol
United States Capitol

There are 73 days between Nov 9 and Jan 20, when our new president takes the oath of office. It looks more and more like a sure thing that Hillary will not fare well under the FBI’s investigation. Will Obama pardon Hillary during that period whether or not she wins? How will the public and Trump supporters react if she wins (or not) and receives a pardon? Will the public say, “let bygones-be-bygones” or will they continue to push Congress for justice? Trump has already stated  that he will push for justice if he wins.

If she is pardoned or not and wins the election, she may not have a vote of confidence from the public. Either way, it looks like the House will remain under Republican control while the Senate may go the the Democrats. A president needs a cooperating Congress to get anything done in Washington. A president, burdened by an investigation by the FBI or even a pardon that’s questionable in the eyes of American citizens will likely find it difficult to get his or her agenda through Congress.

If the Clinton issues aren’t addressed now, in 2018, when another third of the Senate is up for reelection, Hillary will likely still be mired in issues and suspicions related to the investigation. If Senators up for reelection in 2018 work for the public, keep Hillary under control, and act in a patriotic fashion, they stand a better chance of serving for another term. Then again, in 2018, the public may return control of the Senate back to the Republicans. If Republicans control the senate Hillary will have an uphill battle getting things through Congress. Be assured that the struggle for justice won’t end with the election.

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