Obama/Democrats Fear They Can’t Beat Trump

by Don Purdum, Freelance Contributor

Obama/Democrats Fear They Can't Beat Trump

Democrats are beginning to express concern that the current crop of candidates cannot beat President Trump in 2020. As less supported candidates drop out, new ones are entering the Democratic field at an unusually late date.

In the last two weeks, Former New York City Mayor Micheal Bloomberg has signaled he is probably entering the race and has registered in two states. In addition, Patrick Deval, former Massachusetts Governor and close personal friend of Barack Obama, entered the fray on November 14th.

However, the most significant concerns appear to be coming from the Democratic donor base. It’s been widely reported that a major donor offered a $1 million dollar check to a Democrat group on one condition: the money must be refunded if Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) were to win the nomination.

While the offer was rejected, this donor is far from alone with their concerns about how the current crop of candidates may ultimately hurt the Democrats’ chances of winning the presidency and down-ballot races across the country.

What Are the Concerns?

The concern among Democratic donors is that the current candidates have too many flaws to motivate the donor base to feel comfortable with the choices they have thus far. As for the top four, there is plenty of justification for this worry:

  • Warren is anti-business, anti-wealth, and too far to the Left.
  • Biden is too old and is highly prone to embarrassing gaffes.
  • Buttigieg is young, inexperienced, and is not ready for the presidency.
  • Sanders is old, has already dealt with heart conditions on the campaign trail, and is even further Left than Warren.

The remaining candidates are being written off by the donor class. If they can’t build momentum now, then they are not likely going to catch the top four.

Obama Expresses His Concerns About the Field

The donor base is not alone. Since leaving office, Obama has been careful not to enter into Left-Wing politics. When he does talk politics, it’s mostly about Trump.

However, that all changed recently at his private speech to the Democracy Alliance in Washington, D.C.

He cautioned Democrats, especially far-Left Democrats, that the nation is “less revolutionary than it is interested in improvement.”

Obama continued:

“Democratic voters and certainly persuadable independents or even moderate Republicans are not driven by the same views that are reflected on certain, you know, Left-leaning Twitter feeds or the activist wing of our party… the candidate’s job, whoever it ends up being, is to get elected.”

-Barack Obama

What Are Obama and the Democrat Donor Base Afraid Of?

Polling says that far left-wing policies risk polarizing the nation even more than it currently is. They would move the country further away from the center than the majority of Americans are comfortable with.

Obama seems to agree:

“Even as we push the envelope and we are bold in our vision we also have to be rooted in reality. The average American doesn’t think we have to completely tear down the system and remake it.”

What Obama and many Democrats fear is that far-left social issues, like free college and free healthcare, risk losing more centrist American citizens. Dems could also lose majorities in Congress, governorships, and statehouses for years to come.

Obama knows this from experience. Much of the country turned to Republicans after Obamacare was passed. His warning to Democrats is that they ought to remain pragmatic and move towards the center where most of the country is at.

Far-left policies risk alienating many moderate and conservative Democrats who care about practical issues like the economy, jobs, and trade. These types of policies affect the lives of every-day Americans, not just the far-Left. These are, of course, issues that Donald Trump excelled at in 2016.

If the Democrats don’t reel in their more radical elements, then they risk losing to Trump again in 2020.

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