Obama Takes Credit for Trump Success

Obama Takes Credit for Trump Success

(UnitedVoice.com) – Thanks to President Trump, America is experiencing the best economy that it’s had in decades, of course, Democrats don’t want to give him any credit.

The most recent Democrat to try and take responsibility for the booming economy and employment levels is former President Barack Obama.

On Monday, he posted about the anniversary of the Recovery Act, claiming that it paved the way for the economy that we have today.

Trump and his campaign were quick to respond to this insane claim. In a statement to Fox News, his campaign pointed out that the economy is doing great because President Trump reversed multiple economic policies that were made during Obama’s time as president.

Trump has supported the free-market, lowered taxes and gotten rid of regulations that harmed business owners and employees. That’s why our economy is so great right now.

It seems like the Dems will never stop criticizing Republicans — or stop taking credit for all their hard work.

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