Obamas Announce Their Next Move

Obamas Announce Their Next Move
Obamas Announce Their Next Move

Soon after the Obama family stepped out of the White House, they released a touching video (giving a few passive aggressive nods to President Trump), which offered a glimpse into their future plans. While many were expecting talks of political moves, the Obamas had something entirely different in mind.
The video is a “goodbye” to the presidency and a “hello” to the Obama Foundation. And, they didn’t just announce the creation of the Obama Foundation, but asked viewers for their input.
The Obama Foundation will hold its headquarters in Jackson Park, Chicago, on the South Side.  In addition to the headquarters will be the Obama Presidential Center, managed by the Obama Foundation.
But, what’s the point of the organization?
Former-president Barrack Obama declares that the purpose is to help guide private citizens to play a part in democracy by trying to reach their full potential… with the help of community members, who will in turn, do the same.
So far, we know that the Obama Presidential Center will hold archives from his time in the White House, but the next move for the Obama Foundation isn’t clear. However, the plans do include initiatives inside the city of Chicago and throughout the nation.
As for us, we would like to wish the Obama family the best of luck in their endeavors and truly hope that the Obama Foundation meets with wild success, so that citizens of this country really can meet their full potential — and recognize it in others as well. If you would like to offer your thoughts on projects you would like to see, you can send them through the Obama.org