Obama’s Deplorable Behavior [PLUS: CA Rule Changes and de Blasio’s Campaign]

Obama’s Deplorable Behavior

Barack and Michelle Obama have always claimed to stand up for small businesses and fight for the “little guy.” That’s already a bad joke given that this claim comes from a Democrat. However, now it’s clear as day that they only care about small businesses until they stand in their way.

Higher Ground Enterprises LLC is a book publishing company from Layton, UT. They have been registered with the state of Utah since 2008. Business was great for them until the Obamas started a production company.

Why do the Obamas need a production company, you ask? They recently signed a deal to produce a series of films and shows for Netflix. The name of their new company is Higher Ground Productions.

Almost a year ago Barack And Michelle tried to register their new company with the US Patent & Trademark office. They were told that the name was already taken. On August 20th of this year, they filed a petition to cancel the original trademark so they can keep the name of their production company.

The lawyer representing Higher Ground Enterprises LLC. has called Barack and Michelle’s actions deplorable. As if it wasn’t already obvious, Democrats aren’t allies of small businesses and hard-working Americans.

Citizens Can Now Decline to Help Police Officers in CA

The California Posse Comitatus Act of 1872 has been struck down in a bill signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom of California this week. Under this act, it had been a misdemeanor for people over the age of 18 to deny helping a cop when they request assistance.

While many people supported the removal of this bill, the California State Sheriff’s Association wasn’t enthusiastic about the change. In an official statement, they said,

There are situations in which a peace officer might look to private persons for assistance in matters of emergency or risks to public safety and we are unconvinced that this statute should be repealed.

The Posse Comitatus Act had not been officially invoked since 2014 when a Trinity County Sheriff asked a man and woman to check on their neighbor. The officer suspected they had been murdered but wasn’t able to immediately investigate in person. Some rural counties in California don’t have enough sheriffs to protect their population, so officers may ask citizens for assistance. Sometimes police aid is hours away.

What do you think of this new policy? Should citizens be required by law to help the police? Let us know in the comments!

Bill de Blasio Ending His Campaign?

Bill de Blasio announced this week that, if he doesn’t qualify for the fourth Democratic debate that takes place in October, then he will probably end his presidential campaign.

I think the logical thing to say is I’m going to go and try and make the October debates and if I can, that’s a good reason to keep going forward, and if I can’t, I think it’s really tough to conceive of continuing.

-Bill de Blasio

Bill is trailing just behind Andrew Yang in overall popularity polls, who has already qualified for both debates. However, he must poll above 2% in four DNC-approved national polls. Currently, de Blasio is struggling to reach 1% in some of them.

With all of that said, Bill recently polled at 2% in a YouGov poll. One down, four to go.

He must also have 130,000 unique donors with at least 400 donors in at least 20 states. The NYC mayor has already failed to make the September debate which has the same requirements as the ones in October. It’s highly likely that Bill will drop out of the race soon, though he should exit now to conserve his time and money and get back to being mayor.

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