Obama’s Role in Hillary’s Email Scandal

Obama's Role in Hillary's Email Scandal
Obama's Role in Hillary's Email Scandal

For months, President Barack Obama had been going out of his way to distance himself from the Hillary Clinton email scandal that continues to spin out of control.

Now we may know why — the batch of Hillary Clinton emails released at the end of January prove that Obama mishandled classified information himself. And his actions may have been more than occasional lapses in judgment. They could be illegal.

Hillary Clinton on Email Scandal in Iowa Caucus

In a recent editorial in the National Review, Andrew McCarthy, the former federal prosecutor who tried the perpetrators of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, laid out the case that Obama was at least, negligent in how he handled national security matters over email with Clinton.

In the January release of Clinton emails, the United States State Department acknowledged it was withholding 18 emails between Obama and then-Secretary of State Clinton. The information has been declared sensitive and the Obama Administration is claiming that releasing it would jeopardize the president’s ability to get “unvarnished advice” from his top advisers.

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