Obama's Secret Plan Exposed!

Obama's Secret Plan Exposed!
Obama's Secret Plan Exposed!

You won’t believe what we have to bring to you today on United Voice. Oh, who are we kidding – yes, you will, because at this point we’re all used to Obama and Clinton controversies. It turns out that former President Barack “Obummer” crafted up a “secret plan” to validate the election if Donald Trump hadn’t won and contested the vote way back in 2016.

Key Facts

• In a brazen and audacious interview with New York Magazine, Obama himself admitted to the plan flat-out with seemingly zero guilt. He detailed how a “bipartisan plan” to certify Sanders or Clinton was created in an effort to ensure that Trump didn’t get into office.
• Obama also revealed the methodology: they would reveal how the intelligence community believed Trump only won due to Russian interference. Their concerns? That Trump would try to force a win by claiming the election was “rigged” if he lost.
• Here’s where this secret coup gets even more traitorous. It wasn’t even just Democrats involved; Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice, a number of former presidents and a long list of congressional Republicans also took part. All wanted to prevent Trump from getting into office.
• Did they really have cause to be concerned? Maybe – but maybe not, too. Trump did state multiple times on the campaign trail that he would accept nothing less than a win, and would fight any losses tooth and nail. But this is far from trying to suggest that he would somehow manipulate the results, which is exactly what such a dirty plan suggests.
• Obama’s communications director, Jen Psaki, was quick to wave the rumors of the former President’s interference away. Instead, she claims it was little more than just one plan in a long list of options – a brainstorming session, if you will.
• Psaki explained the plan away in just a few words. “For them, just having him say the election was legitimate was not going to be enough,” she said. “I don’t think there is any indication to suggest that if that’s where things headed, [Trump] would accept it.”
• Obama’s former communications director also took a pointed shot at Trump, accusing him of “laying the groundwork for delegitimizing the process now” by continuously questioning American institutions and attacking leadership. “This is all fodder for his supporters to work with in the event that things go down a dark path for him.”
• Looking back at this so-called bipartisan plan, however, doesn’t feel like protectionism or “last-ditch” brainstorming. Instead, it feels like just another brick in the Democratic plan to delegitimize Trump – something that continues to be in (slightly useless) motion even right now. And they still haven’t won.