Obstacles for Trump and His Wall

Obstacles for Trump and His Wall

President Trump’s campaign promise to build a wall that would secure our southern border is slowly, but surely, being fulfilled. Although the wall has been a top priority for the administration, there are plenty of contributing factors delaying the promised 500 miles of newly-constructed border wall. This status update, while encouraging, proves that America still has a considerable journey to endure to protect our sovereignty.

The Numbers

To fully understand the scope of the border wall situation, we’ll have to go over some stats.

About 16% of the privately-owned land needed for the wall has been acquired by the presidential administration, which is a considerable achievement given the countless roadblocks Dems have thrown in the way. However, only 4 out of 166 miles of border fencing planned in Texas have been constructed. The remainder of the land is private property the CBP has yet to acquire.

To compensate for the lack of progress in Texas, the Trump administration is prioritizing hundreds of miles of land elsewhere for construction in western states. A hearty 75 miles of newly-built border fencing has already been constructed under Trump’s watch. Even though the Texas border is proving to be difficult, the rest of the wall is coming together nicely.

Obtaining Private Land

The Fifth Amendment gives our government the right to acquire land as long as the owner is given just compensation. This right, known as eminent domain, is still contentious among the American people. Property owners can challenge an eminent domain case if they so choose.

At least 100 Texans own land along the border, making this endeavor of obtaining border property very challenging, to say the least.

Property owners sometimes feel unfairly compensated and cheated during eminent domain deals, though that is often a subjective matter. In light of this potentially negative reception, government officials are more than willing to work with individuals regarding the border situation. In fact, plenty of property owners are happy to work with the Trump administration for the sake of securing America.

The presidential administration hasn’t resorted to eminent domain to obtain land in southern Texas. So, it’s not as if the president is “stealing” land away from hard-working Americans as Liberals accuse him of doing. Still, acquiring all of the land needed for the wall is a drawn-out and difficult process, especially with some property owners being unwilling to sell their land.

Media Bias

As mentioned above, certain individuals are reluctant to part with their property for the sake of border protection. While personal freedom and choice are paramount in America, there’s no denying the effect that blatant anti-Trump and anti-wall bias purported by the MSM on a daily basis has on people. These land-owners might be more receptive to the calls of border security if the Liberal media wasn’t so influential and culturally-pervasive.

Legislative Sandbagging

Democrats don’t want more border security. That would hurt their demographic representation too much in swing states and other Democrat strongholds like California. So, Congress (especially the Dem-controlled House) does everything it can to prevent President Trump from obtaining the funding and resources he needs to complete the wall.

Ultimately, the border wall is getting built even if it’s at a slower pace than we all hoped. Many American land-owners across the border are doing their best to work with the government in spite of what the Liberal media may tell you. The Customs and Border Patrol claims that they’re on track to complete 450 miles of fencing by the end of 2020, which spells great things in the face of Leftist opposition.

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