Ocasio-Cortez Ends Speculation Over Career

Ocasio-Cortez Ends Speculation Over Career

(UnitedVoice.com) – Rep. Alexandria “AOC” Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is a liberal firebrand in Congress. She ascended to the House by beating a high-ranking Democrat. In 2020, she told Vanity Fair that she didn’t think she was going to remain in the House forever. Now she’s shooting down rumors that she intends to run for higher office.

In January, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) announced she was running for reelection. She has served since 2009 and is pretty well-liked in the party. In recent months, some have speculated she could have a challenger from the far left. That led to rumors that AOC might run against the senator in 2024.

Lauren Hitt, the congresswoman’s spokesperson, told POLITICO that AOC “is not planning to run for Senate in 2024. She is not planning to primary Gillibrand.”

Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY), former Rep. Mondaire Jones (D-NY), and Rep. Ritchie Torres (D-NY) have also decided they won’t be challenging Gillibrand. That means her path for the Democratic nomination is essentially clear.

Isaac Goldberg, a Democratic consultant, said there isn’t “energy” to run against Gillibrand because she is already doing what many want. She “spends her time protecting the right to choose, fighting for paid leave,” and leading on other issues that the Left cares about.

In February, a primary from the Left might have helped the GOP take back the seat. That’s still possible, but the Right will need to nominate a heavy hitter. In January, Gillibrand began attacking former Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY), who lost the gubernatorial race in the last election. The ex-congressman is widely considered one of the Republicans who might decide to take her on in 2024. However, he has not made any announcements.

For now, the field is wide open. If Republicans can find a suitable candidate, they could have a shot at taking the seat back, especially if former President Donald Trump is at the top of the presidential ticket and has a trickle-down effect.

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