Ocasio-Cortez Tantrum Gets Met with Reality

Ocasio-Cortez Tantrum Gets Met with Reality
Ocasio-Cortez Tantrum Gets Met with Reality

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez… there’s a name most of us associate with extreme instability and outright insanity. At 28, she’s one of the youngest politicians to serve in the House for the Democratic party — and that inexperience really shows.
But inexperience isn’t just inexperience, especially on the political stage. Someone with uninformed (read: stupid) ideas can be downright dangerous.
That’s why it’s a very good thing we still have Republicans at the helm with experience, sensibility, and the willingness to step in and deflect damaging ideas before they reach critical mass.
Here’s the good news: that’s exactly what just happened.

Key Points

  • AOC makes no bones about the fact that she is a socialist. If it were up to her, she would dismantle the entire farming industry (farting cows lead to global warming) and force businesses to pay everyone a “living wage.”
  • The bombastic DNC loudmouth also regularly expresses her disdain for the entire fossil fuels industry (and anything that benefits from it). She often rails against the evils of the combustion engine (one has to wonder if she does this while she drives to work in her combustion-engine CAR).
  • On April 1st, she turned her sights on food businesses operating out of LaGuardia airport. “Croissants at LaGuardia are going for SEVEN DOLLARS A PIECE,” it reads. “Yet some people think getting a whole hour of personal, dedicated human labor for $15 is too expensive??”
  • In case you’re wondering: no, that wasn’t an April Fool’s joke, but you sure could have fooled us with how ridiculous it sounds. Anyone who knows anything about the real economics of the United States knows it just isn’t that simple… you can’t just assign a higher wage and not force negative effects in the process.
  • But here’s what makes this innocent-sounding complaint even more laughable. Apparently AOC didn’t even bother to think her rant through, because it turns out La Guardia already pays people $15 an hour to make said croissants.
  • Even more questionable? The food outlet selling the croissants never charged $7 for them in the first place. FreeBeacon’s Mikhael Smits confirmed this in a tweet back to her. “Croissants are available in LaGuardia for $3.29,” it reads. “… half of @AOC’s reported $7. They’re also already paying the $15-19 minimum wage. You’re welcome, internet.”
  • AOC wasn’t going to take the criticism lying down, of course. In true socialist form, she accused the GOP’s followers of “taking her tweets too literally.” She followed up by attacking them for creating policies that “treat people as disposable” without considering their “human worth.”

Complaining about the lack of minimum wage in a place with the highest minimum wage in the country? That’s a rookie mistake. It just proves exactly how inept Ms. Ocasio-Cortez is in the realm of economics.
Thank God we have Donald Trump at the helm — someone with experience, sensibility and a proper understanding of country-level economics.