Omar Wants to Destroy America

By Don Purdum, Freelance Contributor

Omar Wants to Destroy America

On Sunday night, Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN) endorsed fellow radical and admitted socialist, Democrat Bernie Sanders (I-VT) for President. She also called for a new movement of middle-class workers to oust President Trump while exposing her own inconsistencies.

Speaking to a crowd of approximately 10,000 people, Omar stated that a “mass movement of the working class” is what’s needed to take down Trump and end “Western Imperialism.”

Furthermore, in spite of winning a Congressional seat, she went on to say,

“Here in Minnesota, we don’t just welcome refugees, we send them to Congress… Right now, achieving that universal dream feels more out of reach than it has in my lifetime.”

Omar’s Middle-Class Agenda

Omar’s vision is of a mass movement that is anti-American and changes America from its horrible history to one of justice. On Sunday night, she stated, “…here is the cold truth: We can’t achieve any of these goals if we don’t build a movement that is representative of all of our aspirations, all of our pain, and all of our shared trauma.”

Omar provided the path she and Democrats believe they will need to build such a movement — one that is built on pain and trauma. There must be justice because of all wrongs committed against each other and the other countries of the world. In her own words, the antidote to injustice is advocating for Medicare for all, canceling student debt, the green new deal, and raising the minimum wage.

The question is, will these policies improve people’s lives, make them more prosperous, or provide justice for wrongs committed in the past? — Of course not!

The facts are that Liberal policies in big cities have brought unlivable conditions for millions of Americans. In the last few years Chicago, San Francisco, and Baltimore have stolen headlines about their chronic poverty, homelessness, and violence.

Omar and Sanders did not talk about the problems of the inner city at their rally and how they would solve them. Instead, they talked about how they have to create a movement that would attempt to convince the middle class that the government is the answer to their problems so they will vote for the radical Left and enable them to create more destructive policies.

Why Is Ending Western Imperialism Important?

Since the end of World War II and the Cold War, the United States has sought to have a positive impact on the world by stopping communism through the spreading of democracy, Judeo-Christian values, and capitalism. Omar defines this as spreading Western Imperialism and claims this is an injustice that must be stopped.

What makes Omar excited about Sanders is her belief that he will erode the United States’ economic power and influence in the world for the purpose of creating a “just world.”

Yet, she did not vote recently for a congressional resolution recognizing Armenian genocide nor on a resolution condemning Trump’s withdrawal from Syria at the expense of the Kurds. And, what is her position on the Middle East whereby wars are largely fought by proxy between Iran and Saudi Arabia, or in Syria which is largely helped by Russia?

What Are the Consequences of Omar’s Movement?

What Omar said on Sunday night is that she needs middle-class workers to believe the government cares about them while at the same time eroding their financial livelihoods and America’s economic influence in the world so that we will be on the same footing as impoverished countries.

By creating an even more crushing national debt and trapping Americans in more government programs and dependence, the movement Omar seeks to create will ultimately destroy us. The question is do we want to continue the tradition of liberty and independence or exchange it for dependence and a destructive society?

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