OMG! Tylenol Is Gone

OMG! Tylenol Is Gone

( – COVID-19 is causing unimaginable problems to the healthcare system in the US. Medical professionals are working without proper personal protective equipment (PPE) to keep them safe. It’s not just healthcare workers in danger, though. According to a metro Detroit ER nurse, hospitals are running out of basic medications to keep people on ventilators.

Mary MacDonald works for Ascension Health System in Michigan. On March 23, she posted a video on her Instagram page, discussing the impact of the pandemic at a Southfield hospital where she was sent to help. According to the nurse, it’s worse than people can even imagine. She said that like many Americans, she didn’t really take the outbreak seriously in the beginning.

That was a big mistake.

The ER nurse went on to describe the hospital running out of ventilators while she was working. Even worse, the medical center ran out of medications like fentanyl and propofol. Both drugs are used to keep people on ventilators comfortable. If that’s not terrifying enough, she said they couldn’t even find basic meds.

“We’re out of Tylenol. Like, we’re out of Tylenol,” MacDonald said.

There are shortages in other hard-hit areas, as well. Nurse MacDonald’s entire description of the current state of the healthcare system was shocking.

So, what does that mean for the rest of us? Some people are going to get sick from this or another illness, and have to go to the hospital. If that happens, be sure to bring medications with you. Under normal circumstances, doctors and nurses wouldn’t allow people to take outside meds, but nothing about this is ordinary.

Staying home is the best thing everyone can do to help the overburdened medical system. If you don’t contract the virus, you won’t add to the chaos. Listen to Nurse MacDonald and keep yourself safe.

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