On Party-Line Committee Vote, Articles of Impeachment Head to Full House

On Party-Line Committee Vote, Articles of Impeachment Head to Full House

On Friday morning, Dec. 13th, the House Judiciary Committee voted along a party-line vote of 23-17 to adopt two articles of impeachment. They will now be sent to the full House for consideration. The two articles of impeachment charge abuse of power and obstruction of justice against President Trump.

The articles do not reference the “Ukranian call” that triggered a whistleblower investigation that started this whole thing. During the House hearings, Democrats changed the charges against President Trump several times. The story went from quid pro quo to bribery, to extortion, and, finally, to the vague and ambiguous term, “abuse of power” as they struggled to make a legal case for impeachment.

Abuse of power and obstruction of Congress allows Democrats to say anything they want and allege under that umbrella that anything and everything is impeachable.

After the vote, Democrats tried to take a somber tone even though they have been pushing for impeachment since Trump won the election in 2016. House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) said:

“Today is a solemn and sad day. For the third time in a little over a century and a half, the House Judiciary Committee has voted articles of impeachment against the president — for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. The House will act expeditiously.”

President Trump quickly responded.

“It’s a witch hunt, it’s a sham, it’s a hoax. Nothing was done wrong… you’re trivializing impeachment,” Trump said of Democrats. “Someday there will be a Democrat president and there will be a Republican House and I suspect they are going to remember it.”

A final vote is expected to be held next week in the House to formally impeachment President Trump. It’s also expected to pass on a party-line with no Republicans voting for it. If passed, the Republican-led Senate will begin a trial to consider conviction and removal.

Senate Republicans are already saying they will call for a short trial and they will not remove Trump from office.

By Don Purdum, Freelance Contributor

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