One Location Has Already Banned Gas Hookups

One Location Has Already Banned Gas Hookups

( – There’s a battle brewing over gas stoves across the country. After multiple studies indicated the appliances create dangerous indoor pollution, there have been discussions about banning them. A city in Oregon has now instituted a prohibition on the appliances.

On February 6, Eugene City Council passed a resolution 5-3 banning natural gas hook-ups in new residences that are three stories or less. The new rules apply to any building permits that are submitted from June 30th on. Mayor Lucy Vinis told local KLCC that the governor has “pledged to build 36,000 new houses a year.” She went on to say the city didn’t want those homes to have natural gas lines, and now it’s leading the way to show everyone how the switch can be made.

The new rule doesn’t just impact stoves, it also prohibits lines for furnaces, water heaters, and anything else that might use natural gas.

Councilor Mike Clark told the local news station that he believes the new rules will discourage developers in the area. He also thinks people will be upset because there wasn’t a community vote on the measure.

Eugene isn’t the only local government in the country to make the shift. Berkeley and San Francisco, California, both have bans on natural gas lines in new homes. New York City has also passed a similar measure, and Governor Kathy Hochul (D) would like to pass a statewide law addressing the issue. In Washington, DC, the city is trying to move away from them as well.

Republicans have pushed back on the efforts in some places. According to a 2022 CNN report, 20 states with GOP-controlled legislatures have passed measures that preemptively prohibit cities from enacting laws that eliminate natural gas in new builds. There is also a push by the energy industry to stop the implementation of gas bans.

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