One of America’s Biggest Cities is Defunding the Police at Great Peril to Congressional Democrats

One of America's Biggest Cities is Defunding the Police at Great Peril to Congressional Democrats

( – Another big city led by Democrats is on the verge of defunding its police department even as violent crime spikes out of control. It defies logic but demonstrates how out of touch some in the far-left are with reality on the ground in their cities. They also apparently can’t see the political optics that could hurt their movement long term with citizens and voters nationwide who value police work and safe communities.

In St. Louis, Mayor Tishaura Jones isn’t just promising to fulfill a campaign promise. She’s delivering. April 29 was her ninth day in office. She voted to divert $4 million away from the city’s police department towards social services. Her plan includes using police money to increase affordable housing, reduce homelessness, create a victim’s program, and beef up civil rights litigators. Jones stated she believes police do not prevent crime. As a result, her proposed budget looks likely to pass. It would eliminate nearly 100 unfilled police positions and close the city’s medium-security jail.

St. Louis Murder Rate Highest in 50 Years

While Mayor Jones makes the controversial move to defund the police and close a prison, the timing couldn’t be worse for the reality on the streets or the optics nationally. St. Louis currently holds the distinction of having the highest murder rate in America. It’s currently at a 50-year high, even as the city’s population dwindled over that time.

While Jones chooses to ignore some in the community who believe police are necessary to reduce crime and keep the peace, the mayor creates headaches for moderate congressional Democrats. In the 2020 general election, Republicans successfully labeled Democrats as the “defund the police” party. Instead of losing seats in the House as expected, they defeated numerous moderate Democrats to give House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) the smallest majority in nearly a century. Additionally, the GOP picked up statehouses as well.

Big City Democrats Could Help GOP Take Back the House and Senate

It will be hard for the Left to claim that the GOP is making up the issue for political gain when Democrats in power across the country continue to pursue the agenda. St. Louis isn’t alone in the “Show Me” state. Kansas City is also considering defunding its police as well. Additionally, over the last year, numerous Democratic-led cities with high crime rates already defunded their police. Among them are Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York City, Portland, and Seattle. Chicago is among other big cities considering proposals to defund its police department in new fiscal year budget talks.

Last November, moderate Democrats blamed the far-left for their defeats. Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D-VA) warned that unless the Democrats stopped talking about defunding the police and socialism, the party could “get torn apart in 2022.”

The GOP should continue to make the case that Democrats are now the party of the far-left, intent on passing their agenda at America’s expense. They only need to pick up five seats to take back the majority in the House and only one seat to take back the majority in the Senate.

The odds were already in their favor being the minority party in an election cycle with an opposition president. As long as the Democrats in Congress and the country continue to push to transform the country radically, the odds are good voters will give the GOP the reins to pull back on the left’s radical agenda.

So far, it’s looking good.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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