One Officer Indicted in Taylor Case — Claims of “Not Enough” Erupt

One Officer Indicted in Taylor Case -- Claims of

( – Media reports of mounting agitation are coming out of Louisville, Kentucky, following the Sept. 23 indictment of a former police detective for his actions during a police raid that claimed the life of Breonna Taylor, a 26-year-old black woman.

City officials had already declared a state of emergency on Sept. 22 and cordoned off the downtown area with police barricades. The New York Times reported protesters began chanting “Not Enough” and “That’s it?” shortly after hearing the announcement.

Continuing, the NY Times reported scores of protesters were marching in the downtown area, accompanied by an overhead helicopter.

Law enforcement officials are monitoring the protestors and WDRB News producer Brooks Holton reported protesters were not complying with police directives to march on the sidewalks and not the middle of the street.

It appears it could be a long night for the citizens of Louisville, Kentucky. Let’s hope the situation remains peaceful in the coming hours and days. Perhaps now would be a good time for Louisville and other cities to accept President Donald Trump’s offer of federal assistance to maintain law and order.

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