OOPS! – Liz Cheney ACCIDENTALLY Nukes Her Own Plan!

Liz Cheney Endorsement Backfires Badly

Liz Cheney Endorsement Backfires Badly

(UnitedVoice.com) – When Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) voted to impeach former President Donald Trump, she became persona non grata in the Republican Party. Trump threw his weight behind her opponent, Harriet Hageman, to ensure her constituents wouldn’t re-elect Cheney, and he succeeded. Cheney then focused on eliminating those who stood by the former POTUS’ claims of a stolen election. It hasn’t exactly worked in her favor.

Recently, Cheney took aim at Kari Lake, the Republican gubernatorial candidate for Arizona. The former GOP leader aired ads in the state urging constituents to reject Lake and Mark Finchem, the Republican candidate for secretary of state. Instead, voters donated money. Since the ad ran, Lake claims her campaign has taken in over $500,000, and she says it’s all thanks to Cheney.

Lake is running against Democrat Katie Hobbs, the secretary of state, and currently maintains an 11-point lead, according to recent polls. Many believe Hobbs’ refusal to debate Lake has contributed to the growing gap between the candidates.

So far, it looks like voters disagree with Cheney, but the real test will come next Tuesday when they head to their polling places.

Do you think Lake will beat Hobbs in the midterms?

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