4th of July: America Divided

4th of July: America Divided

America Divided During 4th of July

(UnitedVoice.com) – America couldn’t be any more divided than it was on July 4, 1863. It was the day after the battle at Gettysburg when the country was torn in two. Brothers, cousins, and best friends fought one another in one of America’s bloodiest battles of all time.

Today, we don’t find ourselves at war with one another, at least not in the physical sense. Yet, sometimes it’s hard to tell if a fellow American is a friend or foe.

This Fourth of July will be one for the ages.

COVID-19 has changed America, yet politics is perhaps more responsible for the change than the disease itself. Draconian quarantines, livelihoods hurt or destroyed, physical suffering, and unnecessary deaths. To make matters worse, Americans are divided over politics and the future of the country. Some want to go too far and enact socialist policies, increase taxes dramatically, and defund police.

Is It any Wonder We Are Divided?

Even the meaning of patriotism is subject to change. In times not far past, patriotism meant love of country, parades, waving flags, and honoring those who protected us. Today, some say it’s patriotic to overturn the institutions that have made America strong and to do all that is necessary to remove a duly elected President of the United States at all costs.

All one has to do is look at the political parties to see how they are responsible for what’s happening to America; in particular, the Democratic Party that is now admittedly socialist.

It wasn’t long ago that America was fighting against socialism and communism while proclaiming the goodness of republican democracy and capitalism which would free the world. Now, one party is embracing socialism because those in the leadership of it believe it will bring them power, fame, and fortunes.

New Poll Shows How America is Politically Changing

This week, a Suffolk University/USA Today poll demonstrated that the two parties have very different views about America and its future. The survey sought to discern how Americans feel about the greatness of America. The answers were shocking.

Among Republicans, only 66% believe the US is the greatest nation on earth. A closer look at the poll reveals that Republicans believe the principal cause for that number being lower than what otherwise might be expected are the attacks by the left on President Trump and the institutions that make America strong.

On the other hand, 38% of Democrats believe America is the greatest nation on earth. The poll said that a shocking 6% of Democratic voters approved of Donald Trump, and 92% disapproved.

Overall, 40% of voters believe the US is average (12%), fallen behind other countries (24%), or worse yet — America is one of the worst countries in the world (3%). Among those who believe America has fallen behind, they approve of Biden over Trump by 87%. Those who think the country is average supported Biden by 70%.

The question this Fourth of July is not whether or not people love America. Most Americans agree they love their life and the country that gives it to them. The question is: do they want to revive America and create the greatest nation on earth or risk losing it all?

There has to be some soul searching. Only one system ever accomplished that goal, and it certainly wasn’t socialism. The two competing economic systems of capitalism and socialism will never work together.

Enshrined in the opening Preamble of the United States is a little, but essential phrase… “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union…”

America has never been, nor ever will be, perfect. However, we can and ought to pursue that goal. That is our inheritance and charge. Let’s hope Americans are smart and careful about the choices they make moving forward as we celebrate the red, white, and blue in this crazy year.

By Don Purdum, Freelance Contributor

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