Biden Leads By Example – Trump’s

Biden Leads By Example - Trump’s

( – Democratic presumptive nominee Joe Biden tried to pull a fast political maneuver on Thursday, August 13. In colorful language designed to sound original, Biden generally trumpeted the president’s mask policy while trying to make it sound unique and innovative. However, a closer look at what was reported Biden said, and what he actually said, once again reveals a complete lack of original thought or ideas.

Biden loves a good mandate. He loves the power of telling Americans what’s best for them. As vice president, Biden championed the requirement that all Americans have health insurance under Obamacare. As a candidate last fall, Biden said he wants a mandate to:

  • Ban plastic grocery bags
  • Ensure 100% electric cars
  • End fracking
  • Regulate guns
  • Empower unions through overturning right-to-work laws

Of all the issues out there, what drove Biden to speak out on a controversial mask mandate as one of his first “big” policy statements? Was it out of concern for the public, or was it more nefarious than that?

The clues are in his words. Let’s look at what the former vice president said and didn’t say.

Wear a Mask at All Times

Biden’s general point was every American ought to wear a mask outside for a minimum of three months. The goal – slow down COVID-19. However, isn’t that the general position and objective of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and President Donald Trump?

On July 14, the CDC called on Americans to wear masks to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. The agency concluded, “cloth face coverings are a critical tool in the fight against COVID-19 that could reduce the spread of the disease, particularly when used universally within communities.”

One week later, President Trump urged Americans to wear a mask after being convinced of the science behind it. The president said that masks “have an impact” and asked the public to begin wearing one when they can’t properly social distance.

The one difference is Biden wants to mandate all Americans wear a mask outside of the home, period. Does that really make sense?

More Questions than Answers

Biden’s rationale for the mask mandate leads to more questions than answers. He said wearing a mask would save over 40,000 lives. Really? How does he know that? We were told in March a million people would already be dead from COVID-19 by now, and that never materialized.

The way the CDC calculates and changes its numbers is confusing. However, as of July 16, the fatality rate was between 0.26% to 0.65%. Americans who get in a car have between a 0.54% and 1.83% chance of dying per 100 million miles driven. Should Biden also announce a mandate that Americans must go back to horses and covered wagons?

While saving 40,000 lives is a good goal, his premise is not provable.

The next question is, why would the federal government mandate all Americans wear a mask?

There are two points to make:

  1. The federal government can’t, and Biden knows it. A careful analysis of what he said reveals he wants governors to create and implement the mask mandate. Well, how is that different than what Trump has done? He has deferred to governors all along on the issue of mask-wearing.
  2. Why would the government force someone to wear a mask who lives in a rural area? Again, Biden is recommending a shotgun approach instead of a targeted action. It’s the very same approach that caused Democratic governors to get in hot water with their residents.

Biden Steps in It

Biden not only stole Trump’s policy as his own, but he also committed one other fatal error: he told Americans to wear a mask and “be a patriot.”

So, if you don’t wear a mask for a reasonable reason, you’re not a patriotic American. That’s insulting and is a repeated pattern that has already been used over and over again by Democrats. If you’re a patriot, you won’t vote for Trump. If you’re a patriot, you won’t protest governors when they’re wrong. If you’re a patriot, you’ll support social justice and rioters.

Poll Testing Politics and Leadership

Biden used his first policy speech on the mask issue because it’s a hot button political topic. He sees it as collecting easy votes. He believes the mask mandate will benefit him and give him a leg up on Trump. This was poll-tested and politically calculated.

His new running mate, Kamala Harris, said, “this is what leadership looks like.”

Stealing from others, not thinking things through, and poll testing issues without context is not leadership. If that’s what leadership looks like, and Biden wins, God help us all.

By Don Purdum, Freelance Contributor

The above opinions are strictly those of the author and do not necessarily represent the opinions of the publisher.

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