Democrats Try to Flip Their Failures on Trump

Democrats Try to Flip Their Failures on Trump

( – If shifting blame for failure were a sport, Democrats might be the champions. It’s incredible to watch Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden morph from week to week. One minute, the election is a referendum on the Trump presidency, and the next, he’s defending his weak positions on public safety in Democratic-led cities.

Now, he’s attempting to shift the blame from where it belongs to where it doesn’t. At best, it’s verbal jujitsu. At worst, it’s blatant incompetence.

Does Biden really think this is going to work?

For nearly four years, the media and Democrats obsessed over the Russia collusion. It’s striking how that issue went away ever since it’s been debunked. COVID-19 and the contrasted response between Democrats and Republicans would have made for great theater all by itself.

Instead of making the election about the president, which he looked forward to, it’s become about the culture wars and who’s responsible for what’s happening in America. Racism, social justice, public safety and police, riots and destruction in America’s cities is now at the heart of the election.

The question being asked is not how we got here; it’s who’s going to lead the country out of the chaos? Is it a Democrat who refused to speak out about the violence for months? Or, is it President Donald Trump, who’s establishing himself as the law and order candidate?

Democrats Try to Flip Narrative

From the late spring into the summer, Democrats have empowered the riots that are overtaking their cities. Make no mistake, there’s a vast difference between lawful, Constitutional protests and riots that inflict harm on others and destroy properties. In June, Democrats called it the “summer of love” as their cities were taken hostage. Day after day, people were harassed on the streets and even at their homes.

President Trump sent federal law enforcement to protect federal facilities from destructive behavior only to be met with resistance by Democratic mayors and governors. He offered federal help to bring the riots under control, yet he was met with name-calling and more resistance. In some instances, law enforcement pleaded for help while elected leaders refused it.

Then there’s the Democratic National Convention (DNC). Not one word was said about the riots or requests for the violence to stop. Instead, they accused the president of trying to squash peaceful protests that were anything but peaceful.

What are Democrats doing to stop the violence?

Nothing. Instead, Biden is falsely countering that Trump is stoking the violence in an attempt to change the narrative and hijack Trump’s message. There’s still no acknowledgment that the destruction is happening in states and cities led by Democrats, not Republicans. The violence is in New York, Oregon, Washington State, Illinois, and California. It’s not in Texas, Florida, or Ohio.

Instead of helping to heal the nation, Democrats are now employing racial rhetoric. They’re accusing Trump of stoking a race war in an attempt to pick up votes. It’s shameful and disgraceful.

Are Black Americans Buying the Democrats Rhetoric?

The question is, are black Americans buying the rhetoric?

According to a recent Zogby poll, 20% of blacks support the president. That’s 12 points higher than in 2016 and 9 points more than many believe he needs to secure the White House in November.

In a Hill-HarrisX poll surveyed from August 22-25, 24% of black voters approved of Trump. That’s up 9 points from the previous survey conducted from August 8-11.

Democrats know they’re in danger. As black support for Trump continues to grow, look for Democrats and Biden to do and say whatever they can to influence black Americans not to vote for Trump. Over the coming weeks, look for Biden to try and say he will stop the riots. When he does, it could force the far left to flip on him. Also, can you hear the before and after ads?

The failures of what urban communities are experiencing have nothing to do with Trump. However, that won’t stop them from trying to turn Trump into a symbol of racism and hatred. They’ve been playing that script for five years. They must be thinking it’s okay to amplify the hate talk even more.

This is racial politics at its worst. It serves to demonstrate Democrats aren’t interested in a “United” States. They’re interested in controlling and changing the country into their “Divided” States for power.

By Don Purdum, Freelance Contributor

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