Domestic Terrorists Overtake City In Wake of Incompetent, Liberal Government

Domestic Terrorists Overtake City In Wake of Incompetent, Liberal Government

( – Stories of rioting, looting, destroying parts of cities, and threatening to defund police have graced our TV screens for almost two weeks. Yet, liberal Democratic mayors and governors have done little to stop the violence. They have empowered bad actors and now one major city is in anarchy as far-left radicals quarantine city blocks.

After suffering through a weekend of unrest in Seattle, anarchists took matters into their own hands and created a militarized zone. They seized six blocks of the downtown area, pushed police out of a precinct, stormed city hall, and demanded the mayor resign if she won’t defund the police. On Thursday morning, June 11, the “autonomous zone,” as they call it, had armed guards and businesses in the zone were extorted by the anarchists.

How Can This Happen in a Major US City?

It’s simple; far-left politicians put America in this position. They empowered this behavior by embracing policies that lead nowhere but down. For decades, these far-left so-called leaders have said that America is evil. They backed up their claim saying capitalism is a sham to benefit rich people. To them, the best way to get a better, fairer government is to raise taxes, increase government, trap people in dependency, and redistribute income.

When you are empowered to feel hopeless instead of inspired to pursue a dream, this is what you get — an incompetent liberal government that can’t help people as they promised. In its wake is a generation who doesn’t know their potential and feels let down by the very people who said they would take care of them.

The only thing that liberalism has accomplished is demonstrating the failures of its policies as they play out right in front of our eyes.

Seattle Is in Trouble, and Consequences Could Be Far-Reaching

Now that far-left activists have put six blocks of Seattle in a siege situation, there is big trouble ahead as politicians forced police to vacate the area and as the anarchists set up barriers, declaring it a “Cop Free Zone.”

That’s not even the worst part. Politicians and police say they are negotiating with the “peaceful protestors.”

First, there is nothing peaceful about seizing parts of a city and barricading it off. Unfortunately, these far-left radicals were begging for an altercation with law enforcement to stir up more media and more trouble. However, does that mean that law enforcement should just retreat?

This is setting a terrible precedent for communities all across the country and could encourage violence on a large scale.

What is to stop this from happening in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York City, or Boston? Absolutely nothing. Law and order are out the window and there may be difficult decisions ahead to restore it.

President Trump Responds – Is Matched by Incompetent Leadership That Can’t Solve the Problem

Late Wednesday night, President Trump tweeted:

While her city was under siege, the only response the Seattle mayor could come up with was to insult Trump and to say #BlackLivesMatter. Yep, that solves the problem. Washington’s governor, Jay Inslee, didn’t fare much better. He tweeted that Trump is incapable of governing.


Is he serious? Anarchists are overrunning a city in his state and Inslee says Trump can’t govern?? That’s all Liberals have? It’s the height of incompetency.

It seems that Trump is the one who understands the consequences of what’s happening. In a separate tweet, the president called those who seized Seattle, “Domestic Terrorists.” It used to be US policy that the government doesn’t negotiate with terrorists because negotiation legitimizes and empowers them. Yet, politicians in Washington state appear to be doing just that.

Stay tuned, the next few days and weeks are going to be intense.

By Don Purdum, Freelance Contributor

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