Is America Crumbling From Within?

Is America Crumbling From Within?

( – Americans are living through an extraordinary and challenging time. We’ve experienced…

  • An attempt by government bureaucrats to take down the president of the United States
  • Extreme quarantines due to COVID-19
  • Economic calamity caused by government leaders
  • Questions about police brutality and race
  • Rioters destroying parts of cities and historical monuments

…all within the span of one year.

For some, it’s just too much. Family and friends have walked away from one another over political disagreements and every day on the news there’s a new reason to protest. Many are wondering where this is leading us. The anxiety is building inside people about what the future holds for them and the country.

For the vast majority of Americans, they are feeling the gravity of our times, but not the consequences. People are still going to the grocery store, Chick-Fil-A, and even a favorite shopping destination. There are no fights or burning buildings in the overwhelming number of communities across the country. Most people of different genders, races, and religions are living peacefully among each other.

If that’s true, why does it feel like America is crumbling from within?

Cultural Revolutions and Change

More than anything else, America is experiencing a cultural revolution.

It’s moved beyond debates about political liberalism vs. conservatism. Democratic politicians created culture wars by pitting one group of Americans against another through identity politics. The consequences of their demagoguery over the last 20 years is finally coming to fruition.

They have destroyed the public trust in the core institutions that make society work — government, education, and business.

Democrats Try to Redefine America

On Thursday, historian Victor Davis Hanson said, “cultural revolutions don’t just change governments or leaders. Instead, they try to redefine entire societies.”

In that one statement sums up the uncomfortable feeling that America is crumbling from within as protestors and Democratic politicians try to erase and redefine America. While highlighting all that is bad, they are also erasing all that is good. Protestors want to defund police and Democrats want permanent changes to America.

Democrats who run the big cities across America have failed. Black Lives Matter and the protests both originate from the failed policies of Democratic cities. They have done nothing for the African American community in the last 60 years and what we’re experiencing today are the consequences.

How America is Being Attacked

Hanson said that cultural revolutionaries attack our daily lives. For three months, Democratic governors canceled church, picked and chose what business could be open, determined who could protest and who could not, and forced Americans into house arrest.

Now, the Black Lives Matter movement is responsible for canceling certain movies, TV shows, toppled statues, destroyed memorials, and created new countries they call “autonomous zones” in urban communities.

While Yale and Stanford are named after those whom protestors would deem racists, their names remain. Yet, military bases named after Confederate generals must change. The hypocrisy is blatant. One group are iconic symbols of liberal elitism and the other is deemed to be hostile by those same liberals.

Pushback is Coming

Yes, it feels like America is crumbling from within. We’ve been here before. Here is the good news: pushback is coming.

Ronald Reagan was the pushback to the cultural revolution of the 1960s and 1970s. Today, another pushback is coming that no one sees or expects.

Could it be a landslide victory for Donald Trump? What’s the alternative? Democratic presumptive nominee Joe Biden has aligned himself with the far-left who have created these problems. In fact, in his four decades in government, he is part of the problem.

If Trump wins in a landslide, what could it do to the liberals who thought they had the upper hand?

Stay tuned.

By Don Purdum, Freelance Contributor

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