Trump Is the Only Thing Holding the Democrats Together

Trump Is the Only Thing Holding the Democrats Together

( – This past week, the Democratic Party kicked-off their national convention to finally nominate Joe Biden as their candidate for President of the United States. I have termed it the “Democratic National ‘Unity’ Convention.” Hour-after-hour, I watched and wondered when I was going to hear something substantive. I questioned what their ideas are for the problems facing America today? Instead, all I heard was Trump-hating. That’s the only thing that appears to be holding the party together.

In a podcast on Wednesday morning, August 19, I went into great detail explaining how the Democratic Party is unraveling right before our eyes. In a political convention, I expect to hear some hating of the opposition. The goal of any campaign is to draw a distinct enough contrast that voters are persuaded to one’s side. Right now, it’s painfully obvious that the only thing holding Democrats together is pure hatred for Donald Trump. That’s good for Republicans and bad for them.

On Sunday, August 16, a new CNN poll was released that showed Trump had closed the gap to within one point of Biden in six battleground states. I believe the riots, destruction, defund the police movement, and the rise of violent crimes in Democratic-led cities are partly responsible for Biden’s collapse in the polls.

There is also one other possible contributor: the Democratic Party is split between moderates and the far left. Some of the moderates could be saying that enough is enough and abandoning the party. That doesn’t mean they’ll vote for Trump; they just may not vote at all, and that serves Trump and Republicans just as well.

Is the Democratic Party United?

Over the last number of months, I’ve written on United Voice that I believe the Democratic Party is headed for a minority party status. The reason is, they are not united on the issues. What they are united around is hating on Trump. That’s not going to cut it.

This week, I haven’t heard one mention of:

  • Riots
  • Defunding the police
  • The Green New Deal
  • Proposals to increase taxes
  • Free college
  • Free healthcare

Wait, that’s not entirely true. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) tried to get in as much as she could in her one-minute speech. She was the only far-left progressive allowed to speak at the convention besides Sanders on Monday night. I’m confident AOC forced the party establishment to cringe when she brought up social justice, misogyny, and colonization. She didn’t have one thing positive to say about America, and never mentioned Biden’s name one time. In fact, she cast delegate ballots for Sanders in a show of defiance against Biden.

Instead of focusing on the issues facing the country, Biden’s campaign brought in the old guard to make his case that he’s not Donald Trump. However, progressives don’t want to hear about the past from a bunch of old men who they believe are partly responsible for today’s problems. Former President Bill Clinton, former Secretary of State John Kerry, anti-Trumper and former Secretary of State Colin Powell, and even deceased Sen. John McCain made a video appearance on Tuesday night, August 18.

These are all people who oppose the socialist movement led by Sanders and AOC. The young progressives who follow the duo may not know who the old establishment is, nor do they care.

Yes, under the surface of the water, the bubbles are starting to rise to the top. Biden and the campaign were dismissive of AOC. At the same time, on Tuesday, Biden added more salt to the wound when he said most police officers were good people. That’s a complete contradiction to those on the far left of the party who believe police are evil and can’t be trusted. Twitter had a total meltdown.

Sanders Promises to Hijack Biden

On a far-left website dedicated to hating on Trump, Sanders said,

“Do we (Biden and the far left) have differences? Believe you me. Of course, we do. And our job is, the day after Biden is elected, is to mobilize our people in the fight for the progressive agenda. Our job is not finished on election day. The day after the election, we mobilize, and we do everything in our power to finally create a government and an economy and an energy system that works for everybody. Not just a handful of billionaires.”

Sanders and other progressives believe they can bend Biden to do their will once he’s elected. He’s going to owe them. Until then, they’re only united around hating on Trump in hopes that’s all they need to get him out of office. They’ll try to avoid the issues and what they are going to do to the economy, taxes, and the continued empowerment of riots and crime in Democratic-led cities. They will ignore those issues as long as they can.

Unfortunately for them, Trump is out there exposing all the ways he’s different from them. Biden and his campaign can’t hide in the basement forever and ignore Trump.

This election is turning into something bigger for Democrats than just hating on Trump. I believe this convention has the potential to get Biden beat in November. It could also relegate the Democratic Party from being a national influence to a regional one. Whether Biden wins or loses, there will be a war for the soul of the Democratic Party.

It’s already started.

Stay tuned, it’s going to be an intense, fascinating, and potentially life-altering campaign for America.

By Don Purdum, Freelance Contributor

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