Oregon Bill Puts Ridiculous Limits on Gun Owners

Oregon Bill Puts Ridiculous Limits on Gun Owners
Oregon Bill Puts Ridiculous Limits on Gun Owners

Picture this: It’s 2025. Civil war finally breaks out in the United States, and you’re quickly struggling to secure your home. Looting, riots and violent crimes begin to break out as people become more and more desperate. But you have no way to arm yourself and take advantage of the Second Amendment because you don’t have a permit to own a gun. Or, maybe you have a permit, but you’re only allowed to buy 20 cartridges per month – far too little to fend off a horde of criminals should they arrive.

Key Facts

  • This situation sounds absurd, but it’s exactly what’s happening right now in Oregon. Local officials have submitted a new bill called SB-501 for legislation; it has the potential to dramatically re-shape Oregon’s gun laws, and not for the better. If passed, it will be the most restrictive state for gun laws in the entire country.
  • SB-501 demands all gun owners become licensed before they can purchase firearms. It also prevents residents from using firearm magazines that hold more than five rounds – or even from buying more than 20 rounds every 30 days. Twenty rounds isn’t even enough for target practice, much less self-defense!
  • The new bill also changes how licensing works. Buried inside are a series of mandates demanding delayed background checks (up to 14 days, allegedly to give state police time to research) and enacting stiff fines for gun owners who fail to report lost or stolen firearms.
  • SB-501 gives no options for grandfathering in your current guns. For the average Oregon gun aficionado, this might mean facing hefty licensing fees or even being forced to give away firearms and ammunition. Owners would also be forced to lock firearms up at all times when not in use.
  • Republican leader, Bill Post, also raised another important concern. At a press conference, he reminded the crowd that even hunting might be out of the question because hunters wouldn’t be permitted to carry enough ammo to actually meet their bag limits.
  • Post also sees the consequences for antiques collectors and families who own guns handed down from previous generations. “That means your old six shot revolver would be required to be turned in or destroyed,” he explained. How many people still have guns that once belonged to a great-great grandfather? It’s hard to say, but it’s almost certainly a decently high number.
  • Post also urged citizens to get out and protest or vote against the new potential bill. “Oregonians need to show up at the Capitol,” he said, “and express their concern over their personal safety and the harm caused by this kind of legislation.”
  • But just how concerning is this new bill, really? Like most restrictive gun law bills, it seeks to severely limit access – but it isn’t looking like it will pass, anyway. SB-501 has been criticized by Republicans, national and state gun rights activists, major organizations like the NRA, and yes, even some Democrats, too.
  • Whether it passes or not, loudly opposing bills like these is incredibly important. Leaders must know that Americans do not want these kind of gun laws; ignoring it only allows them to slip the bill into legislation without most people noticing. Even talking about it and sharing information about it can put enough pressure on leaders to toss the bill out. Today’s post is just one example of “being loud.”